My Worlds Collide.

It was a beautiful thing.

I love that my best friend in California (Katie Mack is friends with my 3 good friends from St. Louis, (Sarah m., Libby b., and Jill R.). It made for a REALLY REALLY NORMAL feeling trip. They asked me if it was weird that i was in Chicago at Wheaton College with my friends from different times of my life and my answer was "NOT AT ALL". Really, it just felt right. It turns out that Katie and Libby seem to have really hit it off and are actually friends with or without the common bond of my friendship. I love it. Here's what went down this weekend...

Wednesday after class i left for Chicago with a friend, John Chacko, who lives 2 hours past Chicago and was on his way home... ...It was a fun ride full of laughter and intellectually stimulating conversations. Best trip to chicago from Indiana yet... (yes, the only one, but still best :)

Wednesday night i saw all my Wheaton girls and had a great time just reconnecting with them. Then, my friend from Taylor who lives on my wing, Katelin, picked me up from Wheaton and took me to her house in Downtown Chicago. It was great. Her house was in VERY downtown Chicago, she basically lives in the Hood. But, her house is a super cool and artsy 3 story brick building. I love it. Her room is in the basement with brick walls and black and white photography all over the walls...and a hammock. So great. So great. So when we got to her house we enjoyed some wonderful cookies and home baked pumpkin bread. I also introduced them to the idea of "pumpkin muffies" of which they knew nothing. This knowledge most undoubtedly comes from the fact that i have enjoyed St.Louis Bread Co. for the majority of my life, not Panera. Some people just don't understand. Around 11 our friends Brad and Mark came over to hangout for a bit. These two boys are our really good friends on our Brother floor. We started to watch Pride and Predjudice, but i fell asleep within the first 5 minutes... maybe one minute. I take after my mom in some ways. haha. Well, as i undoubtedly needed to catch up on sleep from a crazy past two weeks of schoolwork, i slept in until 1pm the next day. It was beautiful.

Thursday, Katelin and I went to Panera (or St. Louis Bread Co. if you prefer...which i do) and got You-Pick-2s...something we both desperately have missed during our time at Tay Tay. Then she dropped me off at Wheaton. I had dinner with Sarah and Libby and said hi to a bunch of random people that i knew from WCA. I also ran into a few people from CRAM. It was great. Altogether, throughout the weekend, i probably saw 15 familiar faces. Good Stuff. Thursday night i went to the first seminar for the Philosophy Conference "Cosmopolis or Ghettos: What Comes After Modernity?" The first speaker was a Post-Secular Christian Socialist. WOW. I didn't really understand most of what he said, save his derogatory term for Capitalism--CRAPITALISM. yes..real tact. Very few found themselves agreeing with him. I couldn't tell if i agreed with him, because that would have required comprehension..which i was just shy of. Anyway, that night after the conference i went for a walk with marc-andre, and it was ao good to get caught up. He is in ROTC and is busy as ever. He seems to love it though. When i got back, I stayed with Jill, a dear friend... ...Like always, deep conversations naturally arose and we found ourselves SO very excited by the words of the different, various philosophers that we have been reading. We finally went to bed, only to wake up early to go to breakfast on friday....

Friday, we got up around 7:45 and headed to SAGA (wheaton's version of our DC). I paid 10 dollars to eat at every meal (that was an expensive friday). I went to four of the five seminars with a little nap in Jill's bed in between. Friday night was fun. Sarah had curfew for soccer because she had a game on friday, so we just hung out in the dorm... ...We made a funny video for Katie stipo..i don't know if it is up on facebook yet. I slept in their room and we slept in until 10ish because Wheaton only has brunch and dinner on Saturdays, and only Brunch on Sundays (WEIRD I KNOW). I ate with sarah and libby and then said a sad goodbye to Sarah as she left for DePauw to play soccer. Sarah's team WON nationals last year and were undefeated. They are STILL undefeated this year. AMAZING. Libby needed to do some studying before we went out that night, so she studied while i napped hardcore in Sarah's bed. We headed off to the train station with katie mack around 5:00pm and caught the train to the city. We walked around taking picture and thoroughly enjoying each other's company. We went to NORDSTROM rack... ...where i got some CUTE jeans for only $30 and a Columbia jacket for these harsh northern Indiana winters. It was great. Then the poor college students went to Cheesecake Factory... ...because we couldn't resist while we were downtown. It was delicious and we left SO full. We then walked a few blocks to the movie theatre and decided to see a movie called "BELLA". Let me officially endorse this movie as a WELL DONE MOVIE. Please go see it. The guy who produced it is also the lead role. He used to be a Spanish Soap Opera star. When he became a Christian he decided to infiltrate Hollywood with movies that aren't explicitly Christian but have a moral/redeeming plot. It was so good. Look it up. Anyway, we walked all the way back to the train station and got back to Wheaton around 1:30am and I spent the night with Katie mack.

Sunday morning we went to College Church at 11:00 and then had lunch at SAGA. I said goodbye to Libby, and katie and i headed back to her dorm. I saw Morgan Younkin on our way back, which was really fun! I helped katie and her roommate get ready for their "roulette", (the equivalent of our pick-a-date). After i said goodbye to katie,i waited for Katelin, Brad, and Mark to pick me up in brad's car that he was bringing back to school. They picked me up and we made the 3.5 hour trek back to campus. We had such a fun time and we stopped to get Arby's Market Fresh sandwiches...#12s... ...ARGUABLY the best sandwiches ever made. We finally got back to campus in time for me to go to the Union to do a ton of homework. It was splendid.


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Russ, Katie and Eliot said...

Wow! That's a lot of details! I feel like I was right there with you! It's amazing that you have time to study, girl!