Life Updates from Branson, MO.

Here I sit, in Panera, in Branson, in Missouri.  I'm, bodily, an hour and a half away from Kamp, I'm, mentally, sitting in my cabin with 12 girls, each with a heart wrenching story.  I don't have time now to write about what the last month has meant to me, suffice it to say, transitioning from working with 12 inner city 15-year old girls for a week at a time, to ministering to and loving 40 middle to upper class 18-20 year old girls for a whole year is going to be one heck of a change. I'm not ready, not at all. 

HOWEVER.  Excited, i am.  Assured that my upcoming duties will be more in line with the gifts I've been given, i am.  Wishing i had even a day in between, i am. Entirely aware that when I am weak He is strong, i am. Blessed and challenged by the experience that i am getting ready to finish up, i am.  Thankful for the friends i have made in the last couple weeks, i am.  Overjoyed that i will be able to eat something healthy and good for my body for a change, i am.  Confident that He will equip me for all that I have to quickly adjust to, i am.

sure that this is way too short of a post considering all i have experienced, i am.