I am...

a planner.

If you don't believe me, check this:  I have the next 3 summers pretty well planned out--including the hairstyle of the summer after my junior year. I will have dreads, and Alexandra will have a shaved head as we take our month long trek through Europe. You think I'm kidding, but I'm not.  I know my class schedule for not just the fall, but also the spring, and the summer of 2009. (even though, as a philosophy major, its not like i have to cram hours in). I have, in my head, and idealized version of what is going to be occurring in the year to come, and even farther on into my life.

Its not that I don't trust God to take care of it, but rather that I enjoy planning.  It gives me something to be excited about, something to look forward to.  However, that looking forward almost inevitably turns into idealizing, turning my future into something worthy of a best selling autobiography.  This doesn't happen on purpose, of course, but really, who plans a difficult future for themselves? Not I.  

The Lord knows me.  So, as I think back to the beginning of the summer when i was plagued with sickness and not allowed to go to Kids Across America Staff Training, I realize what the Lord was shielding me from.  NOT from Staff Training, mind you, but, from myself, and my planning, idealizing ways.  You see, a just a couple days ago i started thinking about Kamp, there has really not been an opportunity to do so until now, nor would there be anything of substance to think about.  Since I missed staff training, I am going in somewhat blind to this whole affair.  I have NO idea what to expect.  

Will I be with a cabin of girls who know each other or will they be simply grouped by age?  Will I be expected to have serious basketball skills or just sit back and watch them play?  Will I have a co-counselor in my cabin or no?  Are the themed parties one every week or a couple a week?  Will I build life long relationships with my staff or mainly with the campers, or both?  What will my typical day entail, any rest, no?  Am i crazy and loud enough to contribute, or will I be a quieter type in this atmosphere? What is this atmosphere?

I don't know.  And I don't know about you, but when I don't know something, I don't like to think about it.  Thus, my thoughts on camp have been few and far between.  All I can think is, Lord, I have absolutely no idea what I am getting myself into, so prepare my heart for whatever happens.

Had I not been forced to go home instead of attend the beginning of the summer training, my heart could not possibly be where it is right now--ready and waiting.  Right where it needs to be. The Lord is doing great things.



just don't do it for me. My eyes were, instead, unwaveringly brought back to the beautiful, parchment papery sliver of the moon. Unassuming, especially amidst the fireworks, yet demanding an attention, a reverence and awe. There is much more quiet beauty and mystery involved with the moon, less smoke, less earsplitting noise. I prefer the moon to fireworks.

No thanks on the fireworks front.

Also, you know something is wrong when your little sister has no idea what independence day is. Or, when asked, can't produce an answer for what we may actually be shooting off fireworks to commemorate on the fourth of july (independence day, as some, apparently not her, call it).


i expect letters.

Annie Dimond
Rt. 1 Box 1288
Golden, MO 65658

That is my address at Kamp. Really people, hopefully you can muster up a postcard or something.  Encouragement will inevitably be necessary.  Care packages are also appreciated :) (ahem, mom)

Anyway, i leave this thursday morning.  Gracie and i will drive 17 hours to colorado.  I'll spend the fourth with the grandparents and grace and then i'll leave early on the fifth and make the rest of the journey to st. louis all by my lonesome.  Phone calls are also greatly appreciated during my july 5 drive.  I'l be in st. louis from late on the 5th until july 12, when i will be heading to Kankakuk, Kids Across America for a solid month.  I'm so excited.  Remember to keep me in your prayers as i minister and am ministered to by these 15-18 year olds (weird that i'm 19).  Love you all, and I may blog a few more times before Kamp and on my 24's (breaks) at Kamp.

Love to all. California people, goodbye.  St. Louis people, see you in a couple days.  Taylor people, see you in a little over a month!