My Worlds Collide.

It was a beautiful thing.

I love that my best friend in California (Katie Mack is friends with my 3 good friends from St. Louis, (Sarah m., Libby b., and Jill R.). It made for a REALLY REALLY NORMAL feeling trip. They asked me if it was weird that i was in Chicago at Wheaton College with my friends from different times of my life and my answer was "NOT AT ALL". Really, it just felt right. It turns out that Katie and Libby seem to have really hit it off and are actually friends with or without the common bond of my friendship. I love it. Here's what went down this weekend...

Wednesday after class i left for Chicago with a friend, John Chacko, who lives 2 hours past Chicago and was on his way home... ...It was a fun ride full of laughter and intellectually stimulating conversations. Best trip to chicago from Indiana yet... (yes, the only one, but still best :)

Wednesday night i saw all my Wheaton girls and had a great time just reconnecting with them. Then, my friend from Taylor who lives on my wing, Katelin, picked me up from Wheaton and took me to her house in Downtown Chicago. It was great. Her house was in VERY downtown Chicago, she basically lives in the Hood. But, her house is a super cool and artsy 3 story brick building. I love it. Her room is in the basement with brick walls and black and white photography all over the walls...and a hammock. So great. So great. So when we got to her house we enjoyed some wonderful cookies and home baked pumpkin bread. I also introduced them to the idea of "pumpkin muffies" of which they knew nothing. This knowledge most undoubtedly comes from the fact that i have enjoyed St.Louis Bread Co. for the majority of my life, not Panera. Some people just don't understand. Around 11 our friends Brad and Mark came over to hangout for a bit. These two boys are our really good friends on our Brother floor. We started to watch Pride and Predjudice, but i fell asleep within the first 5 minutes... maybe one minute. I take after my mom in some ways. haha. Well, as i undoubtedly needed to catch up on sleep from a crazy past two weeks of schoolwork, i slept in until 1pm the next day. It was beautiful.

Thursday, Katelin and I went to Panera (or St. Louis Bread Co. if you prefer...which i do) and got You-Pick-2s...something we both desperately have missed during our time at Tay Tay. Then she dropped me off at Wheaton. I had dinner with Sarah and Libby and said hi to a bunch of random people that i knew from WCA. I also ran into a few people from CRAM. It was great. Altogether, throughout the weekend, i probably saw 15 familiar faces. Good Stuff. Thursday night i went to the first seminar for the Philosophy Conference "Cosmopolis or Ghettos: What Comes After Modernity?" The first speaker was a Post-Secular Christian Socialist. WOW. I didn't really understand most of what he said, save his derogatory term for Capitalism--CRAPITALISM. yes..real tact. Very few found themselves agreeing with him. I couldn't tell if i agreed with him, because that would have required comprehension..which i was just shy of. Anyway, that night after the conference i went for a walk with marc-andre, and it was ao good to get caught up. He is in ROTC and is busy as ever. He seems to love it though. When i got back, I stayed with Jill, a dear friend... ...Like always, deep conversations naturally arose and we found ourselves SO very excited by the words of the different, various philosophers that we have been reading. We finally went to bed, only to wake up early to go to breakfast on friday....

Friday, we got up around 7:45 and headed to SAGA (wheaton's version of our DC). I paid 10 dollars to eat at every meal (that was an expensive friday). I went to four of the five seminars with a little nap in Jill's bed in between. Friday night was fun. Sarah had curfew for soccer because she had a game on friday, so we just hung out in the dorm... ...We made a funny video for Katie stipo..i don't know if it is up on facebook yet. I slept in their room and we slept in until 10ish because Wheaton only has brunch and dinner on Saturdays, and only Brunch on Sundays (WEIRD I KNOW). I ate with sarah and libby and then said a sad goodbye to Sarah as she left for DePauw to play soccer. Sarah's team WON nationals last year and were undefeated. They are STILL undefeated this year. AMAZING. Libby needed to do some studying before we went out that night, so she studied while i napped hardcore in Sarah's bed. We headed off to the train station with katie mack around 5:00pm and caught the train to the city. We walked around taking picture and thoroughly enjoying each other's company. We went to NORDSTROM rack... ...where i got some CUTE jeans for only $30 and a Columbia jacket for these harsh northern Indiana winters. It was great. Then the poor college students went to Cheesecake Factory... ...because we couldn't resist while we were downtown. It was delicious and we left SO full. We then walked a few blocks to the movie theatre and decided to see a movie called "BELLA". Let me officially endorse this movie as a WELL DONE MOVIE. Please go see it. The guy who produced it is also the lead role. He used to be a Spanish Soap Opera star. When he became a Christian he decided to infiltrate Hollywood with movies that aren't explicitly Christian but have a moral/redeeming plot. It was so good. Look it up. Anyway, we walked all the way back to the train station and got back to Wheaton around 1:30am and I spent the night with Katie mack.

Sunday morning we went to College Church at 11:00 and then had lunch at SAGA. I said goodbye to Libby, and katie and i headed back to her dorm. I saw Morgan Younkin on our way back, which was really fun! I helped katie and her roommate get ready for their "roulette", (the equivalent of our pick-a-date). After i said goodbye to katie,i waited for Katelin, Brad, and Mark to pick me up in brad's car that he was bringing back to school. They picked me up and we made the 3.5 hour trek back to campus. We had such a fun time and we stopped to get Arby's Market Fresh sandwiches...#12s... ...ARGUABLY the best sandwiches ever made. We finally got back to campus in time for me to go to the Union to do a ton of homework. It was splendid.



This is why EVERYONE and their MOM should have an APPLE.


time machine.
file stacks.
quick look.
cover flow.
stationary templates.
video backdrops in ichat.
bed time and time limits.
boot camp.

i mean really...Who, in their right mind, would not hop on the Mac train? It is ridiculously innovative, creative, time/space efficient, impenetrable, classy, clean, simple, user-friendly, complete, well thought out, frustration-free, and beautiful.

if you don't believe me... listen to john -- http://www.apple.com/macosx/guidedtour/

he'll let you know whats up.
agh. i love this company.


Lots to recount..

Ok, i will write later about my weekend and AIRBAND. Both were amazing. But as for right now....

I just finished an interview with Kanakuk Kamps. It went great. He told me that i will probably get a job. AND he was just in st. louis and saw the Stipanoviches. He also knows the Moores. Oh wow. My worlds collide.

Secondly, I am finishing up the first day of a two day fast. I am doing this primarily as i pray about where i want to attend church and give my time. Pray for me, that God will direct me in this time.

Now its time to hit the books. Love to all!


Sitting in Biblical Literature.

I am a good student, really I am, but sometimes this class is jus ridiculous. All my teachers are quite brilliant in their fields, very accoplished. However, classes like this one just BOTHER the heck out of me. We sit here, tuesday and thursday, for 1.25 hours, and all we do is go through slides. I really do not need to go to this class because our only grades in this class are the 3 tests that we take and all we are tested on are the slides. SO, i really only need to read the slides. Therfore, for the last 2 weeks i skipped all the classes except the test. THEN, on the day of the test my prof asked me if i was a athlete--so basically i took that to mean that he noticed i hadn't been in class and he wondered if it was because i was playing my sport. Needless to say, i'm now going to class. I probably would have come anyway, because i don't like skipping classes. That is my story.

Backtracking just a bit, THIS WEEKEND, was fine. I went on that pick-a-date with Nathan, Harrison's friend. Lucky me, another awkward one. haha. No, it wasn't really that bad, we just had nothing to talk about because he isn't in school, he is 21 and lives in Michigan as an Air Conditioning installer. Questions like "what is your major? what is your favorite class? what do you plan to do when you graduate?" were all cut out since they didn't apply. But, i did get to carve a SWEET pumpkin. WOW. It was a masterpiece. But, basically the boys picked us up at 5:30pm and brought us home around 1:00am. It was like a marathon pick-a-date. But, thankfully we went to one of the boy's from ther wing's house for dinner.. YUM i love home cooked food. Then we carved pumpkins...then we drove to the haunted corn maze. Itwas here that i figured out what a MAN i am. I was not scared at all...adn i basically led my entire group through the maze and tried to scare the haunters myself. It just didn't scare me like it scared everyone else. haha, whatever.

This was not my pumpkin.

This is my friend Sarah from my wing. She was on the date with Harrison.

Anyway, on Sunday i didn't go to church, but i went to the Prayer Chapel instead. It has been very hard for me to find a church that i want to go to. If you think of if, just say a little prayer that i will find one that i can become involved in. I like samantha's church, but its just different. And its different for her too, but she is adjusting better i feel. Maybe its that the pastor wears a tupee...i don't know ;)

Last night, Wednesday, was Airband dress rehearsal. It was SO fun. I love it. I really think i would love doing Theatrical Arts. It just makes me so happy when i'm on stage. LOVE IT. Everything went really well except when our set fell down in the middle of our performance the second time through. Oh man. I'm so glad it didn't fall on anyone. As for the rest of the acts, there are some REALLY good ones. For instance, Gerig Hall is going to win, no doubt. They are doing "Tradition" from Fiddler on the Roof. They are SO good. I felt like i was watching a real musical. It was flawless and they were SO animated. Other than that, the boys from 2nd West Wengatz Hall are doing "Grease Lightning". My friend Mark is Danny, and my other friend, Jack, is Kenickie. It is tremendous, AND its funny. Sammy 2 i doing "Shake Your Tailfeather" by the Blues Brothers. They are good, especially one boy who all the girls ended up having huge crushes on after watching the show last night. haha.
WELL, class is about to end, so i have to go. But, pray for the REAL AIRBAND PERFORMANCE..tonight. It is going to be so fun..and then i'm going out with Jordan, Darla, Reed, Elizabeth (his girlfriend), and maybe some others after the show. It should be so very fun and i'm excited!
LOVE YOU ALL. Hopefully my care package with my phone will arrive soon!


Another Weekend.

Well, was a busy one. I went rollerskating with some people from my O-group. Then, when i got back i decided to do homework..but on my way to walk to the Union, I ran into my friends Darla and Jordan and two of their friends who were playing pairs frisbee golf...SO at 10 at night, in the freezing cold, we called my friend (and dance partner for Airband) Reed Spencer to come play and be on my team. We played, with a short intermission in the Music building where we convinced Reed to play piano for us in the recital hall that we snuck into. WOW. he is a TREMENDOUSLY gifted musician. Darla and i interpretive danced to it. It was fun. Then after mini golf we decided to go to Payne's (a local coffeeshop). We sat there for a bit and decided what animal we all most resembled. Somehow i was likened unto a sloth. how unfortunate.

I have a wonderful time with these people. Darla is a friend from CRAM, and she is such a doll. I am glad we've been hanging out alot more lately. She and i had a dinner date the other night that lasted circa one hour. It was great. Jordan is a boy who is in airband with me. He is a really nice guy. Reed is my dance partner in Airband. He is a music major and he is an all around nice guy. We have been hanging out alot lately and i'm glad that we are becoming good friends.

Anyway, on the way back from Payne's i talked to Reed's girlfriend (she goes to DePauw) and found out that she is in Muncie this week. We are all going to go out on Thursday night, after airband, to meet her. I'm so excited. I am sure she is going to be such a sweet girl, and I've heard so much about her, i feel like i already know her.

Well, after we got back, i decided to finally go to the union. I went and i decided to read for pleasure instead of for school...such a nice break. I have started "Till We Have Faces" by C.S. lewis. It is alright so far, we'll see.

Tomorrow is the Habitat Blitz Build. We will be putting up the walls and roof for Denise Morris's house! I'm so excited. I'll get over there about 1, after people will have already been there since 8, and then i'll leave around 4 because i am going on another Pick-A-Date saturday night. I am going with my friend Harry's friend. He doesn't actually go to the schoool, and apparently he's kind of awkward, but apparently people think i can handle the awkward guys.....so i always get stuck with them. haha. No, it'll be fun. Harry is going with a girl from my wing, Sarah...so i'll have people to talk to. PLUS, Jordan will be there with his date, and I know some other Sammy 2 guys because they are in Airband with us. Anyway, we are going to some boy from their wing's house to eat and play games, then we are going to a haunted corn maze....OH the fun that can be had in rural Indiana. haha. i love it.

OH, in other big news, I made the front page of the Marion Chronicle Newspaper. HAH. I wish i had a copy. But, basically i was sitting at the table for volunteer sign-ups for the blitz build and a guy wanted to take candids of my and my friend Andrew (co-director of our Habitat chapter)..so he did. and our lovely mugs graced all of Blackford County's morning newspapers. haha. loving it.

K. time for bed...SO much to do tomorrow. ESPECIALLY since billy bubenik is in town visiting maggie...so i am gonna try to have breakfast with him.. UGH. i need a phone. desperately.....ESPECIALLY since i will be going to Chicago soon! oh man. I have to have one for that.
Parents...please overnight me one! But, i HAVE to keep the same number...it is imperative.


Its a first.

First all-nighter was pulled tonight. My friend Brian and i did homework in the Prayer Chapel all night. It was all fine, until some woman walked in in her pajamas at 5:30 to do her morning devos...that was a bit embarassing. but now we are sitting, waiting, wishing for breakfast to open so we can make waffles. YUM. i cant wait. AND i am so wide awake. i'm like..lovin life right now.

hah i was made for college.


Here We go again...hopefully

First intramural soccer gam today. 5-0. We win. I scored once. Hopefully this is gonna be the trend for our intramural sports teams on 2nd East. Last year we won soccer. I think we'll do it again. Repeat champs. I love it.


I despise my Fit for Life class. The plan is to pass with a C. Which is fine, because it is one credit hour and means absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things. ALSO...it is impossible. ALSO...it is at 8am. I hate worthless classes that are required by some arbitrary board of college education. Its just a health class...for college students. I suppose i deserve it though, since i somehow dodged out of health class for high school.

On another sad note...

I poured my heart into a paper that i originally had no desire to write. I started out not wanting to write it..then got really passionate..and i wrote an amazing paper. We were given the vague instructions to "Give our biblical foundation for our view on abortion." No rubric. No specific details. However, i got inspired and wrote a four page paper (as compared to the 1 pagers of my peers). Upon receiving my grade, i became extremely frustrated with the 6/10 that i received as compared to my friend's 8/10. I worked hard and wrote the paper creatively..she cited random verses. I have no doubt that her paper wasgood, but it was probably virtuallythe same as everyon elses. LAME. I will post my paper...and then i will post his critique of it. Keep in mind that he NEVER gave us specific instructions.

An Argument from Creation: A Biblical Stance on Abortion
I am an artist. I love to create things. Whether I’m doodling in my notebooks, creatively writing, or making beautiful cards out of scrapbooking paper, creating brings me extreme pleasure. Nothing bothers me more, however, than when people tamper with my work because they don’t like it, because they don’t understand it, or because it is not what they want at that time. I acknowledge that sometimes my work ends up flawed, sometimes it doesn’t speak to a person in the way it speaks to others, and sometimes it affects people in ways that may hurt for a time, but that is the nature of artwork. Art is not always a happy thing. A creator creates not only so that everyone will be aesthetically pleased, but also aesthetically challenged. The problem is that many times those who are perceiving the work of art don’t always understand that, they don’t always see that the art is not only beautiful if it affects them in pleasant ways—even it if is difficult to behold, the art can still be beautiful. The art is not dependent on the person experiencing it. I would even go as far as to say that no one will ever understand my creations fully—no one will ever understand the creation to the extent that the creator does. The artwork is its own entity, not bound by the adjectives that people use to describe it. The Bible, for instance, is a piece of art. Just because some perceive it as inconvenient, out-of-date, far too challenging, or somehow flawed does not detract from the inherent beauty and creativity in the Book. It is the truth and goodness in the book that give it its beauty, not the reactions of those who may be challenged in uncomfortable ways by it. By this time, I am sure that you understand the allegory I wish to make—Each person, along with being a creator, is also a creation. This, of course, assumes that man is created by something, a creative someone. This paper assumes that God is the creative being that mysteriously crafts all that is in this world. I will make no attempt in this paper to prove that God is the creator, but I will attempt to show the relationship that a creator has to his creation.
Before an artist even begins to create, there is a certain amount of time, energy, and thought that goes into planning and preparing to perform the creative act. When I write a paper, I decide the nature of the paper, my desire for its effect, and the mode of delivery long before I pen a single word. In the same way, God has had a plan for each part of His creation far in advance to its actual arrival on earth. In the book of Jeremiah, God speaks to his prophet, saying, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations.” Jeremiah responds to the Lord, telling him that he feels quite inadequate for the job, but the Lord rebukes him. It was always in His will for Jeremiah to fill that role, even before he was in his mother’s womb. God had a plan for Jeremiah. So too, God has a plan for each one before his conception. Could God have spoken to Judah in a different way, through a different person? Yes. But He did not will that; it was not a part of His divine plan. And since we know not God’s plan, how could we justify ending a life for which we are unsure of the great impact it could have on a singular life or many lives? In the same way, I become frustrated when, not knowing the impact it may have, a person squashes my idea for a piece of art. Who are they to stop my creation in the beginning stages, before its energy and power can clearly be seen? Why can’t I, based on my faithfulness in creating beautiful things in the past, be trusted to create something beautiful in the future? And, even more so with God. God, a perfect entity, can only be expected to create something that fits into His will and plan for creation. I make mistakes in my creation. He does not.
Though God does not make mistakes, we as humans are fallen beings. Sin has permeated our very being, proving our need for our perfect creator to draw us back into the nature He intended for us. Not only we as humans, but also the natural order of things has been corrupted. Paul, when speaking about the “thorn in his flesh,” some malady that has plagued him for a large part of his life, proclaims that “for Christ's sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.” Though sin, and deformation of the good of this world is often overwhelming, God’s power is made perfect in the deficiency of this world. This applies to every area of life—the intentionality of life as well. Inadvertent pregnancy, deformation, pregnancy as a result of rape, etc. are all sad manifestations of evil incarnate in this world. However, running the risk of sounding severely trite and cliché—“two wrongs don’t make a right.” God still created that child, and that child is still a part of His divine plan, whether the creation was conceived in sinful circumstances or in the way God intended, the child is now a part of His supernatural plan for the redemption of this world, a work of art in His intentional gallery.
In the Plato’s Phaedo, the main character, Socrates, discusses life and death with two of his disciples. They pose a question about suicide and whether or not it should be considered immoral. Plato, through the mouth of Socrates, explains that the taking of one’s life is analogous to one’s possession deciding to destroy itself, without consulting its owner. This is an appeal to divine ownership. No man is his own. If one does not bring something into being, then one should not take it out of being. Not only is this an argument against suicide, but also it is an argument against abortion. Just because a child resides within your womb, does not mean that the child is yours. God is the great designer, the great artist. To take one of His pieces of art out of existence is to defame the name of God, to proclaim that His design is purposeless and flawed which is very untrue and shows a severe lack of trust in His perfect plan.

That is the paper. Not amazingly good; not however, "D" worthy. I'm actually not so worried about the grade. I care increasingly less about grades. I am, though, very concerned with making sure my teacher understands that this IS my bibical foundation...though it is not citing numerous passages. It is the essence of my faith, comprised of MANY parts of the Bible, not just specific passages. Give me a break Dr. Moore.
Here was his response:
A biblical foundation requires that one use scripture to develop their understanding. In your paper, no citations were given for the scripture to be used. If scripture is used, then the context of the scripture needs to be taken into consideration as to the meaning of the passage. Thirdly, scripture is interpreted by scripture. Although you paper has an interesting approach to it, how do the passages you name translate into a foundational approach? I am missing the point!
Ugh. Maybe i'm way out of line, but i don't understand this critique. Not to mention, it was freaking 4 pages long. I obviously took time to relay my opinion and plan out my response. If for no other reason than because i obviously poured myself into this assignment, i feel i am deserving of something other than a D. Maybe its a talking to about my confidence with regard to my work.
Either way, there will be a confrontation tomorrow morning at 8:50am. And its not gonna be pretty--especially at that time in the morning.


Kid Pick A Date

So tonight i went on our Wing's pick a date. Since it was our first one as a wing, the sophomores picked the freshmen dates and it was a suprise. WELL, mine was named Taylor Barclay..and he was nice, and he was from Mission Viejo, California. He knew where i lived when i told him Antonio and O'neil.

What the HECK? hah. go figure..theres about 5 people on campus from california. that woudl happen to me.

phone=still missing.

mom and dad..i hope you read this. i really do love you...and i'm not ignoring you.. i'm going crazy without a phone.


2 things. and maybe more.

I'll start with the bad news:
1. Still haven't found my phone. There are 2 problems with this.... I LOST ALL MY NUMBERS AND THEREFORE CAN"T CALL PEOPLE and also that my room phone does not make long distance calls OUT. I can, however, recieve calls in my room, but only RECIEVE. So that means i have to be in my room when you call me. Which stinks, because i'm not usually in my room for more than a small amount of time. So, if you would like to call me, we must prearrange a time for me to be in the room, and you to call me.

Here is the good news:
2. I GOT A JOB...in the admissions office! I will be working doing data entry for about 10 hours a week. It is temporary, through December at least, that is. Thats good because that will mean about 60 dollars a week...which will really help since i'm scared i will run out of money before even spring break. OH my.

Anyway, this is a list of what i am now involved in here at Tay Tay:
1. my new job
2. intramural football, and next week, soccer.
3. airband
4. student activities coordinator for my wing (planner of wing events/open houses)
5. spring break assistant for Habitat for Humanity.

I love it. love love love it.

PS you may email me. i love getting emails.



Team "Middle East"

We are tough.

We are ecstatic.

We are #1.

remember when...

i said that yesterday was the best day of my life? that was a lie. or really an uninformed assertion. today is actually the best. we beat the off campus team in the championship football game.. AND we get to play in the "backyard brawl" against Indiana Wesleyan's championship team. We were down by 6 with 2 minutes left. i caught the touchdown and extra point passes. it was a beautiful thing.

i would give more details...except that i find it hard to type due to the fact that i sprained my thumb, not in the game mind you, after the game, during the celebration.

i will post pictures of our championship team as soon as i can get them.

Since i've never been high, i am just assuming that this is what it feels like. I am so so so happy right now. haha.

2 hours.

In two hours i will participate in the biggest game of my life. I can' t think about anything else. I can't read for my Philosophy class. I couldn't eat lunch. I can do nothing but think about this game. If we win we will play against Indiana Wesleyan's championship team. This is a big deal. BIG DEAL.

OH and finally my package got here today, it came in a second mail trip. SO, before i knew they came, i asked my friend to bring me his cleats. So now i have 2 pairs to choose from. His are actual football cleats though, so i think i will use those. Much more intimidating.

AH. we have to win this game.

Best day of my life.

yesterday..into the wee hours of the night. Best day of my life, officially. thus far. I don't have a lot of time to relay all the details but suffice it to say:

1. We were one of 8 airband groups to make it into the final performance....out of 18. The seniors didn't even make it. that has never happened before.

2. We won our semi final football game. I had 3 touchdowns and an interception. It was beautiful.

3. I am now the official Spring Break coordinator for Habitat for Humanity. I could not be more excited. This is a perfect position for me, a combination of people and planning/working towards a tangible goal. SO great.

Anyway, championship game is today...we are playing the only team we ever lost to...and my cleats still aren't here. UGH. ALSO, its raining, and we lost to them in the rain last time. Its ok though, we won't lose this time.

Thats all for now. time for chapel.


Football, Airband, Stick'em

Today was our first game of playoffs. We won. We are now 8-1 and if we win the next game we are in the championships. WOOO. My knees are officially getting TORN up. I think that knee replacement is iminent.

Tonight is airband tryouts. OOh i'm not nervous but i'm so excited because i got the set built and it looks pretty good. AND hopefully we get in because i love the people that we are dancing with. Its so fun and i've made some great friends through this West Side Story Medley. Tonight. 9:30. It goes down.

ALL DAY, and ALL WEEK...we are playing a game with our brother floor called "Stick 'em". Its like a game of tag but you don't know who is it. Everyone has someone elses name, and whoever is on your card you try to tag...here are the rules:

Stick Em Starts Monday (midnight of Sunday).Objective:Tag the person on your slip of paper. Girls start w/ a guy, and vice versa. Since there are a few more girls, some girls have a girl (so be careful).Once you tag him/her, get the slip he/she has.Get as many people as you can.Safe zones:People can only be tagged outside of buildings (on campus).Off-campus is fair game, in buildings and outside.Handles of buildings count as safe. Applies to on campus only. Chapel attendance is mandatory.Intermurals are safe (for players and coaches only). This Includes going to and from intermuralsSports practices for atheletes are safe. Also includes to and from practice/gamesGame runs non-stop until Friday at chapel.The person with the most tags by Friday at chapel (and still a current player), wins.Good Luck Y'all. Let the paranoia begin.Also, word to the not so wise, Trust No One.

basically, its survival of the fittest in game form.

ALSO, note that i have been going for runs/walks from 1:30-3:00am. And i'm not tired, and i love life. However, my knees are, again, suffering from the harsh sidewalk.

ALSO, i'm all signed up for the Philsophy conference during fall break. I'm so excited to hear all the speakers AND to see all my wheaton friends. It will be wonderful.

Anyway, i gotta go get my "Stick'em". I have a friend who is going to lure him outside so that i can tag him. MWAHAHAHAH.

oh yes. my phone is gone. i haven't been able to find it for 3 days. So, sorry for not returning calls. My room number is 1-765-998-5084. You can call that.

love to all.