2 things. and maybe more.

I'll start with the bad news:
1. Still haven't found my phone. There are 2 problems with this.... I LOST ALL MY NUMBERS AND THEREFORE CAN"T CALL PEOPLE and also that my room phone does not make long distance calls OUT. I can, however, recieve calls in my room, but only RECIEVE. So that means i have to be in my room when you call me. Which stinks, because i'm not usually in my room for more than a small amount of time. So, if you would like to call me, we must prearrange a time for me to be in the room, and you to call me.

Here is the good news:
2. I GOT A JOB...in the admissions office! I will be working doing data entry for about 10 hours a week. It is temporary, through December at least, that is. Thats good because that will mean about 60 dollars a week...which will really help since i'm scared i will run out of money before even spring break. OH my.

Anyway, this is a list of what i am now involved in here at Tay Tay:
1. my new job
2. intramural football, and next week, soccer.
3. airband
4. student activities coordinator for my wing (planner of wing events/open houses)
5. spring break assistant for Habitat for Humanity.

I love it. love love love it.

PS you may email me. i love getting emails.


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