Another Weekend.

Well, was a busy one. I went rollerskating with some people from my O-group. Then, when i got back i decided to do homework..but on my way to walk to the Union, I ran into my friends Darla and Jordan and two of their friends who were playing pairs frisbee golf...SO at 10 at night, in the freezing cold, we called my friend (and dance partner for Airband) Reed Spencer to come play and be on my team. We played, with a short intermission in the Music building where we convinced Reed to play piano for us in the recital hall that we snuck into. WOW. he is a TREMENDOUSLY gifted musician. Darla and i interpretive danced to it. It was fun. Then after mini golf we decided to go to Payne's (a local coffeeshop). We sat there for a bit and decided what animal we all most resembled. Somehow i was likened unto a sloth. how unfortunate.

I have a wonderful time with these people. Darla is a friend from CRAM, and she is such a doll. I am glad we've been hanging out alot more lately. She and i had a dinner date the other night that lasted circa one hour. It was great. Jordan is a boy who is in airband with me. He is a really nice guy. Reed is my dance partner in Airband. He is a music major and he is an all around nice guy. We have been hanging out alot lately and i'm glad that we are becoming good friends.

Anyway, on the way back from Payne's i talked to Reed's girlfriend (she goes to DePauw) and found out that she is in Muncie this week. We are all going to go out on Thursday night, after airband, to meet her. I'm so excited. I am sure she is going to be such a sweet girl, and I've heard so much about her, i feel like i already know her.

Well, after we got back, i decided to finally go to the union. I went and i decided to read for pleasure instead of for school...such a nice break. I have started "Till We Have Faces" by C.S. lewis. It is alright so far, we'll see.

Tomorrow is the Habitat Blitz Build. We will be putting up the walls and roof for Denise Morris's house! I'm so excited. I'll get over there about 1, after people will have already been there since 8, and then i'll leave around 4 because i am going on another Pick-A-Date saturday night. I am going with my friend Harry's friend. He doesn't actually go to the schoool, and apparently he's kind of awkward, but apparently people think i can handle the awkward guys.....so i always get stuck with them. haha. No, it'll be fun. Harry is going with a girl from my wing, Sarah...so i'll have people to talk to. PLUS, Jordan will be there with his date, and I know some other Sammy 2 guys because they are in Airband with us. Anyway, we are going to some boy from their wing's house to eat and play games, then we are going to a haunted corn maze....OH the fun that can be had in rural Indiana. haha. i love it.

OH, in other big news, I made the front page of the Marion Chronicle Newspaper. HAH. I wish i had a copy. But, basically i was sitting at the table for volunteer sign-ups for the blitz build and a guy wanted to take candids of my and my friend Andrew (co-director of our Habitat chapter)..so he did. and our lovely mugs graced all of Blackford County's morning newspapers. haha. loving it.

K. time for bed...SO much to do tomorrow. ESPECIALLY since billy bubenik is in town visiting maggie...so i am gonna try to have breakfast with him.. UGH. i need a phone. desperately.....ESPECIALLY since i will be going to Chicago soon! oh man. I have to have one for that.
Parents...please overnight me one! But, i HAVE to keep the same number...it is imperative.

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