Kid Pick A Date

So tonight i went on our Wing's pick a date. Since it was our first one as a wing, the sophomores picked the freshmen dates and it was a suprise. WELL, mine was named Taylor Barclay..and he was nice, and he was from Mission Viejo, California. He knew where i lived when i told him Antonio and O'neil.

What the HECK? hah. go figure..theres about 5 people on campus from california. that woudl happen to me.

phone=still missing.

mom and dad..i hope you read this. i really do love you...and i'm not ignoring you.. i'm going crazy without a phone.

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lisadimond1 said...

Annie I am going to try calling you in your room....I MISS YOU GIRL!!!! Had to laugh about the guy from Mission Viejo!!! It's a small world. Aunt Steph just met a lady in her bible study who's daughter and son in law went to Taylor. They are both practicing attourneys in Washington. I love you tons.....mom