Football, Airband, Stick'em

Today was our first game of playoffs. We won. We are now 8-1 and if we win the next game we are in the championships. WOOO. My knees are officially getting TORN up. I think that knee replacement is iminent.

Tonight is airband tryouts. OOh i'm not nervous but i'm so excited because i got the set built and it looks pretty good. AND hopefully we get in because i love the people that we are dancing with. Its so fun and i've made some great friends through this West Side Story Medley. Tonight. 9:30. It goes down.

ALL DAY, and ALL WEEK...we are playing a game with our brother floor called "Stick 'em". Its like a game of tag but you don't know who is it. Everyone has someone elses name, and whoever is on your card you try to tag...here are the rules:

Stick Em Starts Monday (midnight of Sunday).Objective:Tag the person on your slip of paper. Girls start w/ a guy, and vice versa. Since there are a few more girls, some girls have a girl (so be careful).Once you tag him/her, get the slip he/she has.Get as many people as you can.Safe zones:People can only be tagged outside of buildings (on campus).Off-campus is fair game, in buildings and outside.Handles of buildings count as safe. Applies to on campus only. Chapel attendance is mandatory.Intermurals are safe (for players and coaches only). This Includes going to and from intermuralsSports practices for atheletes are safe. Also includes to and from practice/gamesGame runs non-stop until Friday at chapel.The person with the most tags by Friday at chapel (and still a current player), wins.Good Luck Y'all. Let the paranoia begin.Also, word to the not so wise, Trust No One.

basically, its survival of the fittest in game form.

ALSO, note that i have been going for runs/walks from 1:30-3:00am. And i'm not tired, and i love life. However, my knees are, again, suffering from the harsh sidewalk.

ALSO, i'm all signed up for the Philsophy conference during fall break. I'm so excited to hear all the speakers AND to see all my wheaton friends. It will be wonderful.

Anyway, i gotta go get my "Stick'em". I have a friend who is going to lure him outside so that i can tag him. MWAHAHAHAH.

oh yes. my phone is gone. i haven't been able to find it for 3 days. So, sorry for not returning calls. My room number is 1-765-998-5084. You can call that.

love to all.

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