Its a first.

First all-nighter was pulled tonight. My friend Brian and i did homework in the Prayer Chapel all night. It was all fine, until some woman walked in in her pajamas at 5:30 to do her morning devos...that was a bit embarassing. but now we are sitting, waiting, wishing for breakfast to open so we can make waffles. YUM. i cant wait. AND i am so wide awake. i'm like..lovin life right now.

hah i was made for college.


dimondclare said...

No wonder you were sound asleep when I called your room at 10:45!! I was so surprised when Sam answered the phone. How did your talk go with your philosophy prof??? Don't be discouraged Annie....keep poring yourself into your work with passion. You are a gifted writer. I love you. Mom xxo

Annie marie said...

Umm...it was a talk with my bio prof...and we haven't had time to talk yet...i don't know if we will get to. Yea, i slept all day..but now i'm feeling great!

lisadimond1 said...

Oh! That might explain things....I think your philosophy prof would have really appreciaed your paper. Love you Annie! Mom xxoo