This is why EVERYONE and their MOM should have an APPLE.


time machine.
file stacks.
quick look.
cover flow.
stationary templates.
video backdrops in ichat.
bed time and time limits.
boot camp.

i mean really...Who, in their right mind, would not hop on the Mac train? It is ridiculously innovative, creative, time/space efficient, impenetrable, classy, clean, simple, user-friendly, complete, well thought out, frustration-free, and beautiful.

if you don't believe me... listen to john -- http://www.apple.com/macosx/guidedtour/

he'll let you know whats up.
agh. i love this company.

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rockerest said...

Macs are not impenetrable...they don't hold enough market-share to make penetrating them worth hackers' time. A hacker once compromised an entire mac-based network in 14 seconds at a conference just to show that it could be done. Watch your macism...sometimes Mr. Jones feeds you poison. ;-)