Sitting in Biblical Literature.

I am a good student, really I am, but sometimes this class is jus ridiculous. All my teachers are quite brilliant in their fields, very accoplished. However, classes like this one just BOTHER the heck out of me. We sit here, tuesday and thursday, for 1.25 hours, and all we do is go through slides. I really do not need to go to this class because our only grades in this class are the 3 tests that we take and all we are tested on are the slides. SO, i really only need to read the slides. Therfore, for the last 2 weeks i skipped all the classes except the test. THEN, on the day of the test my prof asked me if i was a athlete--so basically i took that to mean that he noticed i hadn't been in class and he wondered if it was because i was playing my sport. Needless to say, i'm now going to class. I probably would have come anyway, because i don't like skipping classes. That is my story.

Backtracking just a bit, THIS WEEKEND, was fine. I went on that pick-a-date with Nathan, Harrison's friend. Lucky me, another awkward one. haha. No, it wasn't really that bad, we just had nothing to talk about because he isn't in school, he is 21 and lives in Michigan as an Air Conditioning installer. Questions like "what is your major? what is your favorite class? what do you plan to do when you graduate?" were all cut out since they didn't apply. But, i did get to carve a SWEET pumpkin. WOW. It was a masterpiece. But, basically the boys picked us up at 5:30pm and brought us home around 1:00am. It was like a marathon pick-a-date. But, thankfully we went to one of the boy's from ther wing's house for dinner.. YUM i love home cooked food. Then we carved pumpkins...then we drove to the haunted corn maze. Itwas here that i figured out what a MAN i am. I was not scared at all...adn i basically led my entire group through the maze and tried to scare the haunters myself. It just didn't scare me like it scared everyone else. haha, whatever.

This was not my pumpkin.

This is my friend Sarah from my wing. She was on the date with Harrison.

Anyway, on Sunday i didn't go to church, but i went to the Prayer Chapel instead. It has been very hard for me to find a church that i want to go to. If you think of if, just say a little prayer that i will find one that i can become involved in. I like samantha's church, but its just different. And its different for her too, but she is adjusting better i feel. Maybe its that the pastor wears a tupee...i don't know ;)

Last night, Wednesday, was Airband dress rehearsal. It was SO fun. I love it. I really think i would love doing Theatrical Arts. It just makes me so happy when i'm on stage. LOVE IT. Everything went really well except when our set fell down in the middle of our performance the second time through. Oh man. I'm so glad it didn't fall on anyone. As for the rest of the acts, there are some REALLY good ones. For instance, Gerig Hall is going to win, no doubt. They are doing "Tradition" from Fiddler on the Roof. They are SO good. I felt like i was watching a real musical. It was flawless and they were SO animated. Other than that, the boys from 2nd West Wengatz Hall are doing "Grease Lightning". My friend Mark is Danny, and my other friend, Jack, is Kenickie. It is tremendous, AND its funny. Sammy 2 i doing "Shake Your Tailfeather" by the Blues Brothers. They are good, especially one boy who all the girls ended up having huge crushes on after watching the show last night. haha.
WELL, class is about to end, so i have to go. But, pray for the REAL AIRBAND PERFORMANCE..tonight. It is going to be so fun..and then i'm going out with Jordan, Darla, Reed, Elizabeth (his girlfriend), and maybe some others after the show. It should be so very fun and i'm excited!
LOVE YOU ALL. Hopefully my care package with my phone will arrive soon!

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lisadimond1 said...

Oh Annie, I wish I could watch your airband
tonight! Does anyone videotape it like they do at Westminster for Spirit week? It sounds like a blast! Also, I will be praying for you to find a church you can call home. I mailed your package last Tuesday evening....it should arrive soon. I hope you enjoy your treats. Lissie and I had fun with this care package!

All my love, Mom xxoo