What a Week.

I love philosophy. The highlight of my week was taking my test in History of Philosophy. I honestly didn't want to turn my test in because i wanted to write on it for hours. I wish everyone was as excited about there major as i am. I really think that people should be. If you aren't doing what you love, why do it at all? Sure, I am an idealist, but i don't really care to be a realist. Especially when the "reality" is telling me that i have to get a good job, or be a good wife for my hard working husband so that we can have kids and send them to good schools to prepare them for college so that they can get the right degree so that they can get that high-paying job so that they can provide a good education for their kids (my grandkids), so that they can get the right degree and the right job so that they can continue on this never-ending, falsely rewarding cycle. How about enjoying the process for a second? The enjoyment in learning is worth FAR more to me than the paycheck i wind up with in a few years. I'll be happy living paycheck to paycheck, especially when i realize that the people who are unhappily living paycheck to paycheck are the ones who still have a desire to advance themselves in that economic way. I don't. I'd rather advance myself in a love and live way. I'm such hippie. And i love it.

When people ask me my major, and then ask me what i plan to do with it... I've taken to this answer,

"I'm going to live."

The confused faces that follow are enough to prove to me that that is EXACTLY what i should do. If people are so confused by that statement, it is obvious that there aren't enough people who do that. So i am joing the few, the ones who learn so that they can live to enjoy learning.

On a sidenote, tomorrow I am going Garage Saling with Grant (samanthas best friend) and probably Samantha if she gets back from the Christian Ed. retreat in time to hit the sales early with us.

Things to look for:
-A bike for transport.
-Accessories for the room.
-Old scrapbooking materials.
-Sweet vintage clothes.
-A printer? ok maybe not. but i desperately need one.

Also tomorrow i will build the set for airband, hopefully enough boys will show up with good work ethic. I just want it to be done. I think i am going to use my Habitat connections to ascertain power tools. HA. This is so reminiscient of Spirit week hallways at WCA. love it.

I love you all lots and lots and lots. ♥

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