why am i still up at 1:30 in the morning?

simple answer: i am a college student. we do thes things.

Especially when i have a HUGE biology test on wednesday that i am not in the least bit prepared for (partially because i can't bring myself to read the wretched book). However, the upperclassmen on my wing who took the class last semester say that tomorrow he will tell us that it is an open book test. If he does i'm going to partially be VERY angry that i have spent all the time that i have worried about this test. It did nothing but stress me out. i didn't study in advance in preparation or anything, so that trickery tactic was way lost on me and most of my peers in the class. lame.

Also, Samantha is having a hard time falling asleep, even when she's tired lately. SO, her plan was to tonight stay up until she can't keep her eyes open so that she'll be really tired tomorrow when she gets up early so that tomorrow night she will fall asleep as soon as her head hits the pillow. shes a smart thinker.

As far as tomorrow goes for me, HUGE football game...we play 3rd and 4th floor Bergwall...and since we are, till this point, undefeated, it is imperative that we win again...cuz my addiction to winning grows stronger with every game and i know not what would happen if we were to lose a game before playoffs.

Also tomorrow, there is a seminar about the court and the constitution and how they should be interpreting it...i'm really interested and hopefully i'll have time to go, in between study breaks that is.

anyway, maybe i should go to bed. i get up in 5.5 hours. hah.

OH and a little sidenote for those who care...the pickadate was a bust...HOWEVER, its ok because that was what was expected. Any boy who doesn't have the courage to ask a girl out on casual date, so that his friends have to find someone to go with him, will definitely not be a great date....he might even be mute. i swear he said less than 30 words.. i'm pretty sure that i've never been so sick of hearing my own voice. haha. EVER. In true annie style, however, i was at no point feeling awkward...more just terribly sad for this poor boy who can't even ask the reciprocal questions like "how about you"? i will be VERY interested to see if this boy ever dates again..and if he ever gets married i'd like to meet the special girl who likes boys who never talk. haha.

so harsh.
hes great...at least i think he is. Maybe i would know if he had said anything.

;) night.

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