The Weekend.

Yes, it is officially saturday. I always feel like i have such long weekends because my classes are over by noon on fridays. Its very nice. Well, thus far it has been a rather creative weekend. We have a bullite board halfway up the stair to get to my room in Olson Hall, but this board is SO ugly and torn up, and there was nothing on it. So, instead of complain, i just sat down for 3 hours and made an AMAZINGLY beautiful bulliten board out of scrapbooking paper. I feel bad for using all the paper that i did out of our stash, but there is still a lot more and our supply is in no way dwindling. (i would love to recieve scrapbooking supplies via care packages in the mail...ahem family). Anyway, after that, i made some more little notecards with verses and quotes on them for our door. Our door is amazing. I will have pictures of all of this soon, especially since it IS parents weekend here and since my parents can't be here, i figure they should still get the benefit of seeing my decorated room. After the creative juices stopped flowing a bit, i went to work on Biology with Katelin at the Student Union. I got 48/60 on my test, but he is letting us explain the correct answers for half credit, so i could end up with a 54/60 which would be BEAUTIFUL...AND a lot higher than i expected. I cannot wait to get out of that class. By the time i finished that it was about 9:30pm and when we got back to the dorms a girl, Jenny was leaving for a bonfire and asked if anyone wanted to go; I went. We drove down to Jerry's farm (a guy who some of the boys on campus work for) and we sat around the fire until Jenny had to get back for her Volleyball game curfew (11pm). We had a good time talking and we talked a lot about Habitat for Humanity stuff, because she is in charge of the the H4H chapter on campus. When i got back i met lots of parents who were saying bye to their kids, and then i...you guessed it....made more pretty scrapbook stuff while i watched the movie "Center Stage." When the movie was over it was about 1am. I did some more homework for an hour, and then suddenly i had a burst of energy. SO, at circa 2:30am left for a walk/run around campus. I walked for 2 miles with weights, then i ran 2 miles. It was ABSOLUTELY gorgeous outside. I felt like i was in a movie when i was running because the wind was just perfect and my music felt like a soundtrack. I loved it. I got home around 3:15 and took a shower. I went to bed around 4am...Sam had been asleep fo 3 hours already. haha. THENNNNN this morning i think i might have awakened around 8:30 but then went back to bed. When i actually got up it was actually 12:30. I brushed my teeth and went straight to the Parent's Weekend Tailgate party. And after that, i headed to the library to do more Biology and to read my History of Philosophy homework......i did the Biology, but i haven't quite gotten to the History of Philosophy work yet.... instead,

i blogged.

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