With ten seconds left....

I THREW A HUGE pass to my wide reciever in my first game as quarterback. We came back and won the game. It was beautiful..but i' can't wait for our quarterback to come back so i can be a reciever again. i love it. next game tomorrow. we are 3-0 baby. We beat probably the best team today....and we shouldn't have, but we did. YES. And now i will do homework until i go play basketball, then from there i go to a 2 hour Airband practice (airband=wca's lipsync).

i love activity.

oh and also i took my career development test today. these are my "personality highlights":


i feel like they are contradictory, however, i feel like a walking personality type contradiction sometimes, so i guess the test is right!

My "critical life issues":

-finnancial management

My top 5 career groups in order are:

LAST in line for my career groups is...(you guessed it)...

-animal care...(they know me VERY well.)

Ta ta for now.


Russ, Katie and Eliot said...

Sammie and Daisy will be sad to hear that.

Annie marie said...

no, i think they will be VERY happy that i won the football game. ;)