Labor Day Weekend.

What a great weekend! Friday we took off on our wing retreat. It was such an amazing time. Most of the girls were there, minus the ones who play tennis and volleyball for Taylor. We hung out for a while, played funny games, and took pictures. Then, Amanda, our DA (discipleship assistant) gave her testimony for all the girls. We then proceeded to split into three groups of about 10 and do the same. Each girl gave her testimony, then someone would pray for her as another girl washed her feet. It was a wonderful opportunity to break down the walls of superficiality and get to know each girl on a personal level. Every girl cried. After we got back together, we made s'mores and laughed the night away. When it was time for bed, the bedroom, living room, dining room, and sitting room were FULL of girls. My friend emily and i decided it might be fun to rough it outside. SO, emily and I took our sleeping bags into the cold (yes it actually WAS cold there) and laid for a while, talking. When we did get to sleep, against all odds (the girls thought we would never stay outside), we slept beautifully--probably better than everyone else--ESPECIALLY the girls in the dining room. Because all of the floor was blocked by girls in sleeping bags...the cat was unable to reach her litter box and thus POOPED in the corner of the dining room. It smelled worse than anything i think i've ever smelled in my LIFE. The girls who smelled it in the night didn't want to say anything though because they thought it might be one of the girls--it wasn't. haha. Nevertheless, in the morning we got up and had breakfast, a biblestudy, and then we jetted out of there so I, along with some others, could make it back for......

Saturday community plunge. As a freshman, I am required to have 2 hours of community service for my New Student Orientation class. Most people finished theirs on Thursday, but i have class ALL morning..so i couldn't. So, i proceeded to sort glasses for 2 hours. It was for a ministry located here in Upland, who sends these glasses to people in need. They actually have the LARGEST EYEGLASS SORTING PLANT IN THE WORLD. yes thats right...in upland, indiana we have the biggest eyeglass sorting plant in the world. And you thought upland wasn't famous for anything.. :) The rest of the day was spent hanging out and doing homework. Sam and i went for a nice roomie walk throughout the streets of Upland...and then we came back and went to bed.

Sunday, yesterday, I hopped in a car with my PA, steph, and went to try out her church--Exit 59. It was pretty good. The pastor is not really an ordained or highly educated man, which was a bit refreshing, but also not. Its a church all about the "lay people" and they teach in an expository style. Right now they just started Ephesians. I liked it..but I think i would like a bit more tradition in a church--and a few old people. Next week i will probably go to Lakeview with Sam. After a nice sunday lunch and an afternoon nap, a bunch of us traveled to Indy to a Hootie and the Blowfish concert. We had lots of fun dancing and being silly in the crowd. I knew barely any songs..but it was still fun, especially because Hootie isn't a dancey kind of music, so we looked ridiculous...but we had a good time. Anyway, we left about 11:15 and got back home about 12:30. Half the group made a Steak and Shake run, but i made sure to be in the group that was going straight home to bed.

Today, Monday, was WONDERFUL. I had a roommate date with Samantha. We went into Marion and stayed for 6 HOURS! wow. We first went to Hobby Lobby to get lots and lots of scrapbooking paper because we want to make cards and fun crafty things with it, and its all half price because they are going out of business. We both spent about 40 dollars but really got about 80 dollars worth of materials. It was a beautiful thing. We also bought a beautiful vase and fake flowers to liven up our dorm. We were hungry after the 2 HOURS we spent in Hobby Lobby, so we hit up Applebee's for a little lunchin. After that we decided that if we were gonna be out all day, we better do some homework. SO, we stopped at starbucks and read for an hour. Me, with my history of western philosophy book and her with her New testament for her Christian Ed. class. We proceeded on from there to Walmart to get healthy food and a few various items. We were carrying around 30 bottles of shaving cream for a shaving cream fight we had later tonight. People looked at us funny. One guy even said, "you either have alot of hair to shave or you are gonna sabotage someone pretty bad." haha. Anyway, from walmart we went to the Tree of Life bookstore where we tried to find a concordance...but who'd of guessed that the CHRISTIAN BOOKSTORE wouldn't have had concordances...what?? But, they did have a Vera Bradley display...SOOOO we decided to be cute roommates and get matching ID cases. SO cute. That was the last stop on our marathon roommate date. It was magnificent. We then got back and i had a 2 hour craft time with all my fun new papers and cardstocks. Let me know if you want a beautiful letter, because i WILL make you one when time permits. At around 8 our brother wing picked up us at our dorm and we walked to Ivanhoe's, the "very famous" restaurant. they have 100 sundaes and 100 shakes. its madness. i didn't get one, but i watched 30 people stuff their faces with beautiful concoctions. delish. We then ran back to quickly change and head to an obscure field to progress with the evening's scheduled shaving cream fight.

i am still getting shaving cream out of my ears. ughhhh. but it was fun. hopefully i'll have pictures soon that i can post :)

Love you all dearly.

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Russ, Katie and Eliot said...

It's a shame you don't have much to say anymore. College sounds a little lame....

Okay, more pictures!!!!