First let me clarify that the las post was actually written on wednesday, but started on monday...so thats why it says monday in the date.

Well this will be a rather short, informatory entry. WE ARE LEAVING ON A ROADTRIP in 20 minutes. Our wing, 2nd east olson, will be traveling to a girl on our wing's house! We will spend the night and travel back in the morning so that some of us can make it back for "Community Plunge"--a service day.

Hopefully this will be a wonderful time of growing closer to all the girls on the wing and relaxing before all the real work starts (even though i've already really started). Pray that we have a great time and travel safely!

I'm truly, truly enjoying my time here. It is such a blessing to be surrounded by such amazing and challenging (in a good sense) people. God is good.