Don't get too excited...

This will not be a habit..blogging 4 times in one day. However, being that there are a minimal number of people on campus right now...why not? This afternoon was a fun one. Emily Hunt, my CRAM leader from last summer, dropped in to see me, and we decided to go work out. We went over to the Well (activities center) and rode bikes, did ab work, and lifted for about an hour. We proceeded on to her "house" which is really a loft above a garage. She is a grad student, and thus shares this small space with two other girls in this same program. Lucky for me....and her.... she has a hottub that she can use at anytime. We have decided that this will become a regular activity once it stops feeling like we are ALWAYS in a hottub when we step outside. I met one of her roommates, Sarah, who is such a sweet girl. I also got to see two girls i met yesterday who happened to be over for dinner at Em's house. I totally forget their names...i'm SOO bad with names. SO BAD. Its going to be a problem. We hung out at the house for a bit, talking, then Emily and i took some stuff to her new office in the Admissions office. Randomly she had about 18 fish in separate bowls in her office that she is giving out to the Taylor CRU--basically the equivilant of Hospitality Club in high school. She said that usually they give out candy or cute notes or something...but no....Goldfish. The poem that she wrote to them ended as such "Welcome to Admish, Here's your fish". Haha. This is what i love about Taylor. Creativity and random fun constantly lighten the mood, even when the mood is already light. It makes me happy.

Anyway, now i'm back at the dorm and have been helping Sam and Steph the PA's decorate the hallways...i made a sweet Label for the Australia wall...it says....."Australia".. go figure.

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