Welcome Weekend becomes parentless.

Today i woke up around 9:30 to a phone call to my room. It was probably the loudest phone i have EVER heard in my life. Scared Sam and I half to death. We spent the morning organizing some more of our stuff, and our room looks so cute. Adorable really. Then i went and sat at the front desk with my new friend Emily. Shes a sophomore...and such a sweet girl. We looked at various pairs of rainboots on Target.com...being that yesterday there was a flash flood warning..we figured that protective covering for the feet was a must. (Who cares about our lives right? as long as we have cute rainboots. ) ;) Then we went to lunch...i had some asian stirfry mess. not to great...but not the worst. At the DC i ran into an old friend from CRAM, LaJoya. LOVE that girl. She even asked me how my dad was doing, because he had the surgery on his ear during CRAM. I couldn't believe that she remembered! After we left lunch, Emily and i toured the entirety of our dorm. We looked in EVERY room and voted on which had the best decorations. This group of girls in 3rd center DEFINITELY won. There was a group of 6 girls who lived in 2 rooms next to eachother..and they had A TON of huge professional pictures of them taken and they were hung all over the room. It was beautiful. I loved it. Speaking of beautiful, i just looked out the window...and its raining BIG TIME again. I love rain. SO much. I do wish my rainboots were here right now though. I just realized today that all i have is old tennis shoes..sometime over the course of the last year, i lost my newer tennis shoes..but didn't notice. I think I'm wearing tennis shoes from 3 year ago. hah. i should invest in some new ones with all the walking i have been/will be doing. Anyway on a different note..the Hoedown for tonight and the Ogroup ropes course are probably not gonna work out as they had planned. We'll probably just do the linedancing inside and get to know you games inside.

OH i must go. I"m running barefoot in the rain to meet some CRAM people at the belltower. I love it.

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