Taylor University.

Today marks the beginning of a new chapter in my life. Blogging. As advised by the lovely Katie Mohr, i will begin this new art as an attempt to keep my family/very close friends updated on my life. Thus ends the prelude.

Yesterday daddy and i drove all of six hours from St. Louis to my new home, Taylor University. Arriving around 2, my room mate, Samantha Renee Hobbs was nowhere in sight... HOWEVER thanks to the lovely dry erase board on our door, i was speedily informed in print that she was at her PA meetings. We unpacked a bit, and then decided on a trek to Walmart in Marion. Yes, i know, ew. Walmart. But, the options here in Upland are all but abounding, and so, Walmart it was. I scribbled a note to Sammy to tell her where i was headed, and we were off. After stocking up on the essentials (ie. trashcan, hangers, mattress topper, fruit, headbands, etc..) we began the 20 minute drive back to Grace Olson Hall..my dorm. Upon arrival, there was yet another posting on the white board, informing me that Samantha was, herself, at Walmart... what extreme luck. haha. oh the irony. However, that allowed me some time to get the room a bit more organized. Probably not to thrilled with the idea of watching me organize my room in the most OCD fashion ever, daddy decided it was time to go...especially since he was an hour from the airport and his plane was leaving at 7 am...and on FRONTIER AIRLINES NO LESS. ugh. lousy excuse for an airline. Anyway, shortly after our tearful goodbye, Sammy shows up and we have a GLORIOUS reunion full of big hugs and big screams. The rest of the night was spent helping her and the other PA put up hall decorations as well as chatting with Katie Stipo via webcam (its up and running!). Lastly, i showered. good feeling... UNTIL i got out and immediately started to sweat. mmm gotta love humidity. I really don't mind though, the fan daddy got me is quite cooling.

As for today. I woke up at 8:30, which is highly irregular...being that in California that would have been 5:30, AND being that I've been staying up past 2 every night for the last 2 weeks. hmm. odd. Nevertheless, it allowed me to get just about everything done. Praise the Lord JESUS because i was able to switch my "Investigations in Mathematics Class" to a "History of Philosophy" class. I will never have to investigate mathematics ever. ever. ever again. With my schedule finalized I headed over to the bookstore met the lovely Mary and Patty (i think) who helped me find all my books. They didn't think i was a freshman...because of the books that i had. And they thought i played basketball...because of the Hoopfest T-shirt i was wearing..and due to my early arrival. I quickly corrected them on both points..and now we are forever friends. :) Since then, i've taken Sam's car to Upland to get subway because i can't eat in the cafeteria as of yet..and so i bought a foot long sub to last for two days. haha. Yay for the Italian BMT. She thought i said BLT and thus piled on millions of pieces of bacon...she seemed frustrated when i corrected her mistake, but it all worked out in the end as i just ate my Italian BMT and thoroughly enjoyed it. :)

Anyway, I have now informed you up to this point, and there is only more to come! I love and miss all of you, but I'm confident that this is where God has me. It was "taylormade" for me. (how do you like that? i made it up myself) ;)

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