Today is the day.

Well, at 9 am today i will officially be here. haha. The entirety of my class arrives to unpack, undo, and unload their cars into the dorm. Luckily, my 4 boxes came in the mail yesterday, so i already went through that mess. Yesterday i also had a few "firsts". It was my first time swimming in the outdoor pool at the Best Western (definitely not an official Taylor activity..but fun nonetheless), first time seeing my friends Philip Byers and Megan Menzel since i've been on campus, and my first time eating in the DC (Dining Commons). All in all it was a good and productive day. So much fun was had, and so much work was accomplished. This is why i love Taylor. You always get a mix. Work and fun. Love it.

Today, I'm having breakfast with Philip Byers, my pal/leader from CRAM last summer. It'll be nice to catch up and see whats going on with him. Then Emily and I, another pal/leader from CRAM last summer, are going to the Best Western to take advantage of the heat and sun as we swim in their pool...again. Also, by leaving we avoid the mad rush that is move in day. And that is my day planned out as far as i possibly can on such a crazy day like today. I suppose after i get back i should help girls get settled and what not before our Hall meeting, our wing meeting, and our outing wiht our brother dorm. The first of these meetings begin at 8 pm and probably will end late into the night. I love college.

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