A day before it all begins.

Monday was a completely insane day. And by insane i mean, I left the dorm while all the upperclassmen arrived and unpacked all their stuff, filling the hallways with dorm essentials and loft-building parents. It was pure craziness. I, along with 5 others in my Ogroup, were misinformed about a meeting time, and so we missed the only thing that was planned for us yesterday. Hah. Basically the day was uneventful for me until dinner. We ate as a wing at dinner (it took 3 huge round tables pulled together). Then Emily and i went to play tennis for a while. We then went for a walk, stopping about every 5 seconds to talk to someone she knew...which was great...because i was meeting people all the while. That night i went for a run at about midnight. (this has become a daily routine of mine.)

Yesterday was good and suprisingly not overwhelming. I had an 8am Fitness for Life class, followed by chapel, followed by New Student Orientation Lecture then discussion group, immediately followed by Biblical Literature. All of these classes are semi-mundane Gen Ed classes that i was not completely thrilled by.. HOWEVER, my 3pm class--History of Philosophy promised to be a severely challenging, but richly interesting class. I'm so very excited about it. I am the only freshman in that class of 10 people. I love that. I love it when not a whole lot is expected from me and then i get the chance to prove myself, if i can.

Today, i had my last 2 classes that i have not previously sat in. 8am was Biology--I might try to transfer into the Astronomy night class if at all possible. Then we had a very very very toasty chapel in the old gym. Mary Lou Habecker, the presidents wife, is the most adorable woma i've ever seen. After chapel I trekked to my Logic class where i was shocked to find myself as one of two girls in a twenty person class. Hey, i don't mind :) Logic was a good class and shouldn't be too work heavy, which is nice. Both Logic and History of Philosophy are major specific, meaning they count towards my philosophy major. Becaues i LOVE LOVE LOVE them so much, i know i'm doing the right thing in majoring in Philosophy. I also learned the Philosophy is one of the biggest majors at Wheaton College, which is interesting to me. Anyway, time to hit the books. My history of philosophy book that i have to read is thicker than any dictionary i've ever seen.

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