why did i get up at 6:00am this morning?

Simple answer: I am a college student...we do these things.

Real answer: I have a biology test that is going to kick my butt in an hour.

I really don't even want to think about the test right now, so i'm not going to write about it. just pray. Other than that, there is some exciting news. My football team is 5-0 and we have another game today WOOO. But even more exciting is the fact that i applied for cabinet for the Habitat for Humanity-Taylor Chapter as the Spring Break Coordinator. This meas that i will basically be in charge of planning a Spring Break Trip for about 95 people (if the same amount go as last year) to go and serve in a relief area. Last year it was New Orleans, who knows what it will be this year. I may or may not get the position. I am, of course, a freshman, which makes it a bit harder. HOWEVER, i don't think there are a lot of people jumping out of their seats with excitement at the thought of this high pressure planning position... i, however, am. Yes, i am literally jumping out of my seat with excitement. :) Hopefully i get the position. If not, i will be happy to serve on the team as just a volunteer or possibly volunteer coordinator.

Another exciting opportunity that i'm thinkig about for next J-term is "The Footsteps of Paul", which is, instead of my ordinary required biblical literature 2 course, a month-long trip to Israel and Greece. Speaking to everyone who has been on the trip, it is an AMAZING opportunity, one not to be missed. I can't do that this J-term because I have to be here to take a leadership class, in case i do want to work in admissions or do anything of a similar nature.

Basically, right now i'm entralled with Taylor's amazing appetite for world engagement, whether it's down the street or a few continents over, they have world vision...something Christian America desparately needs.


lissie said...

I seriously cant believe that you are abandoning me during spring break. I feel neglected. I suppose I still love you.

Annie marie said...

I can't believe thats all you got out of that post. :P

leapinglissie101 said...

haha ummm no i got more out of it than that. it was beautifully written! ahahha i love you