Rollerskating and Extreme Spooning.

Last night sam and i decided to go roller skating with one of her best friends, grant, and a bunch of boys from his wing--Sammy Foundation. We traveled to marion to this sweet little rink and a bunch of people started showing up from taylor, wearing tacky clothes...(we didn't get the tacky clothes memo). We skated for FOREVER..it was blisteringly hot, but SO fun. We got home at about 11 and then, since it was open house, some guys came by and talked for a while--we were trying to hurry them away however, because we wanted to watch "the illusionist"..which we did. I went to bed about 2:30 after the movie (sam fell asleep 20 minutes in) on the futon. greatest invention ever. I rolled out of bed at 10 (missed a breakfast date with heather) and then i headed over to Intermural football practice. I pretty much soaked through my shirt in a matter of minutes. It is so humid, and now rainy, here. For lunch, sam and i had agreed to meet up with some Sammy Penthouse guys and bring a few girls to play ultimate spoons and the DC. WOW. most amazing time of our lives. Here are the rules for Ultimate Spoons:

1-pass the cards around in a circle until you get four of a kind.
2-When you get four of a kind, get up and run to get a spoon.
3-When you see someone get up, you also must find a spoon.
4-When you go to get a spoon you must ask someone at a table in the designated area.
5-The person you take the spoon from cannot be a friend
6- You cannot table repeat.
7-Last person back to the table gets a letter
8-The goal is to not get letters and to NOT spell out S-P-O-O-N.

Its a beautiful game. People were looking at us, sO jealous that we were having an insane amount of fun at mealtime, while they were discussing the weather... (which they probably WERE doing, since its so gross).

Great 2 days.

OH and we are playing spoons again tonight at the Boys' open house. Sammy penthouse, extreme spooning here we come.

OH and we are making shirts to designate us as the one and only extreme spooning club on campus.


leapinglissie101 said...

o my goooodness you are such cute roomates you look so happy! which makes me happy but sad in a selfish way, like you are having so much fun without me.

o and i have decided i want to go to taylor to be a teacher did i inform you of that yet??

Annie marie said...

you haven't informed me of that yet. but i'm ALLL for it!

Russ, Katie and Eliot said...

college sounds a little dull. What will you do to pass the time?