i expect letters.

Annie Dimond
Rt. 1 Box 1288
Golden, MO 65658

That is my address at Kamp. Really people, hopefully you can muster up a postcard or something.  Encouragement will inevitably be necessary.  Care packages are also appreciated :) (ahem, mom)

Anyway, i leave this thursday morning.  Gracie and i will drive 17 hours to colorado.  I'll spend the fourth with the grandparents and grace and then i'll leave early on the fifth and make the rest of the journey to st. louis all by my lonesome.  Phone calls are also greatly appreciated during my july 5 drive.  I'l be in st. louis from late on the 5th until july 12, when i will be heading to Kankakuk, Kids Across America for a solid month.  I'm so excited.  Remember to keep me in your prayers as i minister and am ministered to by these 15-18 year olds (weird that i'm 19).  Love you all, and I may blog a few more times before Kamp and on my 24's (breaks) at Kamp.

Love to all. California people, goodbye.  St. Louis people, see you in a couple days.  Taylor people, see you in a little over a month!

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