Yes, I am truly thankful for it. Its time for a break. Samantha and I are both anxious to get home to St. Louis. It will be so nice to be in a house for few days. Wednesday night is a Pre-thanksgiving party at the Preskers' House. I CANNOT wait to see everyone. I'm really excited to see what the group dynamics are like and to see how people have changed in these few short months.

Looking back on my weekend, it was a great one. I spent a lot of time with Carly, Emily and Samantha--all together, one on one, with lots of others. It was great. Every day I am so encouraged by these girls. God has truly blessed these friendships in a period of a few short weeks.

Also this weekend, I was surprised to get an email from a boy in my Logic class who is a PA on 3rd floor Sammy Morris Hall--affectionately (but not by most) called the "Brotherhood" or BroHo. Though there are not fraternitys at Taylor, this would be the closest thing to a Frat. They have a LOT of secret traditions and some not so secret traditions. They are also a bit notorious for being very exclusive--especially of girls. Most girls steer clear of them unless they have a friend or sibling on the floor. These are all generalizations, however, because there are some really great guys on BroHo. The email that i recieved from him asked me to consider being on a panel of about 6 girls on campus to "to help educate guys. Basically our intent is to help guys understand how to be more sensitive to the hearts of women on campus and help them better edify you as women. We want to be sensitive and loving and feel that there are a lot of guys who really have no clue. We are not looking for profound thoughts. We are not hoping that you single handedly will change a guys heart, we are just wandering if you would be willing to honestly share your heart and let the Holy Spirit do the rest." I really respect that he is trying to assist a change in the hearts and attitudes of the boys on his floor, and so I said yes to being on the panel. I'm really excited, because, at Taylor, there is such an emphasis on dating as a means to marriage, that boys are often scared to get to know girls unless they want to date them seriously--because they think all girls only have marriage on their mind. NOW, this is a much better situation than bunch of guys just dating around, however, when it disallows guy/girl frienships, it becomes a problem. ALSO,it often makes for a far too intense atmosphere. Anyway, i'm the token freshman on the panel. There is one soph, 2 juniors, a senior, a married woman, and a engaged woman. A wide range for a wide perspective on all the questions that will be asked. Anyway, I felt really honored that they included me in this panel and I thought i would share that with you and ask that you would pray that the Lord leads all my words and thoughts as well as the other women on the panel.

IT IS SO COLD HERE. really, so cold....and its only November...Everyone says it gets MUCH worse than this. OH NO. I don't think I'll be able to handle much worse. :) Better than the heat though i guess.

I am getting increasingly excited for J-Term and next semester since i am thoroughly done with going to biology and to fit for life at 8am everyday. BLECH. I still can't believe I got into Basketball, Volleyball, and Leadership. What a beautiful month it will be.

Oh and family, if you wouldn't mind sending me the buttons out of my craft box at home, I am working on Christmas presents for a few of my girls on the wing. Also, I would love to have my orange and lime green big bead necklaces. Thank you thank you.

I love you all!

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