Its been a while...

Its been a while since i last wrote but i have SO many exciting and fun things to write about.

1. Samantha and I have been hanging out with these two sweet girls from our wing named Emily and Carly. All four of us feel mutually blessed by these relationships and everytime we are together we have inordinate amounts of fun, coupled with intelligent, thought provoking conversations. It is truly a joy to spend time with these girls. Sunday night we went to Fort Wayne to eat at Flat Top, a mongolian bbqesque place for Samantha's birthday. She is 20. We went to Barne's and Noble and hung out there for an hour and a half--suprisingly something i miss SO much now that i'm in Upland, Indiana. Sam and i bought David Copperfield by Charles Dickens to read within the next month and discuss it. We are excited about it. Very excited. We then went to Coldstone and had some delicious mixtures. Mine was Sweet Cream, graham cracker, and strawberry. DELICIOUS.

2. I have officially signed up for classes. All of the classes i wanted to take over J-term are full, so i am taking 3 one-credit hour classes--Basketball, Volleyball, and Leadership. I am so excited to have only a little work but also get done 3 credits that i need to take. Wow its going to be fun and relaxing. My next semester looks like this:

-POS 385 American Constitutional Development: Civil Rights and Liberties (3 hours)

-PHI 202 History of Philosophy II (3 hours)

-PHI 323 World Religions Eastern Tradition (3 hours)

-BIB 210 Biblical Literature II (3 hours)

-COS 104 Computer Information Concepts (2 hours)

That is only 14 hours, but i will probably add a piano class/lesson. These classes are pretty difficult and i will be the youngest in every one of them. I like taking 300 level classes though, because i feel like i can do nothing but surprise the professor, or do what they expect me to do as a freshman--which is not a lot.

3. In other news, I'm going on a pick-a-date this friday night. The boy i am going with is actually the boy that Samantha has been dating this past month. Sam couldn't go because she has to work. I think he wanted me to go with him because he knows i'm safe and he's being super considerate of Sam's feelings, which is great. It is a famous couples pick-a-date, so tomorrow we are going to pick out our couple and our outfit at the drama department's costume room. I think it will be really fun, and so low key, which is great.

Also, while on the topic of Pick-A-Dates, our wing's is coming up. I asked my friend Joel to go with me and he said yes. It is a formal, and we are going to a comedy club after a special dinner night in the Dining Commons. I think it will be really fun. Joel is just a laid back guy and I asked him to go because he will definitely not read too much into it, which is greatly appreciated.

4. Other than all of that, there has been some talk of a few girls flying out to California for our J-term break (which is only 5 days). I think it would be QUITE fun, and funny since they are all rather enthralled with Laguna Beach and The Hills, silly MTV shows. Hopefully it all works out as we have started to plan.

Alright, Its time.

Time for LogiCola excercies. Time for Aristotle's Doctrine of the Soul Paper writing. Time for Biology Take home test completing. Time to read David Copperfield to catch up with Samantha who has already read 2 chapters.

Love you all ♥

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