Photo Chronicles of the Last Few Weeks

This picture was taken inside the auditorium before My Generation night started. Some of the best song performances were: Obadiah Parker's "Hey Ya," Sufjan Stephans, Agustana's "Boston," Alanis Morissette's "Ironic," among 8 or 9 others. It was really pretty amazing.

This was waiting ouside in line to get in the auditorium...it was probably the coldest night I've ever experienced thus far. SO COLD. We waited for about 30 minutes. It was crazy.

This was the night of Samantha's birthday. The four of us took a "christmas photo" in front of the tree at the Fort Wayne. From left to right: Me, Samantha, Carly, and Emily. Carly and Emily are two of the girls coming out to California during Interterm break.

We went to Flat Top in Fort Wayne for Sam's bday. WOW. Delicious...akin to Mongolian BBQ, where you create your own plateand they stir fry it for you.
Anyway, thought you all might enjoy some pics.

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