Don't start books unless you can finish them, you do yourself, and the author, a great disservice.

>The Four Loves by: C.S. Lewis(25% done)
>The Wasteland by: T.S. Eliot (30% done)
>Freakonomics by: Stephen D. Levitt (50% done)
>The Tipping Point by: Malcolm Gladwell (20% done)
>Til We Have Faces by: C.S. Lewis (25% done)
>David Copperfield by: Charles Dickens (pg. 89 of circa 800)
>Through Painted Deserts by: Donald Miller(just bought it. read 10 pgs tonight)
>God's Passion for His Glory by: John Piper(still trying to find a place to buy it.)

seriously. I'm task oriented. I hate things being unfinished...so why on earth am i not over halfway done with any of these books? Its a mystery for the ages.

the fact that i cannot stay focused in no way says anything negative about any of these books, or these authors. In fact, I've thoroughly enjoyed all of them--well actually, the jury is still out on Til we have faces...but I''m also only a quarter of the way through it, perhaps i should give it another 100 pages.

I hope all of you follow through on things you begin. Its a trait i am going to try to acquire pretty soon here.

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