"QUALITY"--a misnomer.

Maybe its just Taylor. Maybe its the people i talk with.

But, if i hear the word "quality" one more time, OR if i let it slip out of my mouth, i may decide never to speak again.

Since i believe this to be a pretty localized problem, you may not understand... allow me to give you the typical instance in which this word is used...

Girl A: "I met this guy tonight at the Extra Credit Seminar. He was telling me all about his goal to be a medical missionary in Rwanda and his desire to let God direct his path, even if that is not where he's supposed to be. We got into a long conversation about God's call and what that has looked like in each of our lives..."
Girl B: "Oh girl, that boy sounds quality."

Quality? Really?

Yes, he seems like a nice boy. I'm sure he has many qualities that are admirable. But, he, not unlike every other person on the planet, is a human. Thus, he also has many qualities that are a result of his fallen and depraved nature.

Perhaps we say "quality" to try to make an assertion about a person's good qualities outweighing his bad qualities--big problem--we can't see all these qualities. So, when we use this adjective, we are saying that those qualities that can be seen are more important than those that are concealed.

Perhaps when we say "quality" we are trying to speak about a specific quality--most often a genuine heart for the Lord. Well, be more specific. Please. It seems that when we objectify people and create this "quality" persona, we fail to use Jesus's standard. We no longer see the ways that people truly reflect Christ's character, but instead we see the way that they fit this visible standard.

So is that boy quality? Is that girl quality?
NO. Jesus is quality and when people seek after Him, their lives begin to be changed. Sometimes slowly, sometimes more obvious to the human eye--but who are we to say that just because someone is more visibly advanced in this journey, that he or she can be titled quality?

I feel like this word means a lot more than we realize.

Here, though, is my fundamental problem with the word: "character with respect to fineness, or grade of excellence"--that is the definition as provided by dictionary.com. GRADE OF EXCELLENCE? How dare was make the worth of people's lives based on what they do, on what we see? How can we see what is in the hearts of people?

By using this silly word, we raise ourselves up to the level of a judge. We give OUR stamp of approval. Well, its a good thing they don't need it.

I may seem to be making a huge deal out of something rather small, out of a 7 letter word, but its not the word--its the idea. I can't remain silent about something that i feel to be SO wrong within the Christian community, even in places where the world "quality" hasn't permeated the lingo of the people.

From here on out, if you here me use this word--you may slap me.

I hope you found some QUALITY words in the post :P

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