Christmas Pick-A-Date+Biology Presentation=Entire Weekend

Basically, I had an incredibly stressful, Excretory system research filled weekend, with the exception of Saturday night which was spent on a fun Pick-A-Date in Indy. Samantha and I went went our dates, Brandon and Joel (and the rest of our wing) to a formal dinner in the DC, then Joel and i performed a sneaky, covert mission to hide a potent cinnamon broom in Brandon's room while Sam distracted him(Sam and i have been planting this broom in people's room because its a funny prank that causes no damage--just clears the sinuses), then we left for Indy without Brandon suspecting anything. After the Christmas music filled ride, we got to the Sports Comedy club an proceeded to watch a marginal improv show, but it was still fun. Then we drove down to the Indy circle, maybe 2 miles away, and walked around in the beautiful, freezing cold night. The Christmas tree and city scape provided a picturesque atmosphere. After walking around for a bit (which hurt my feet desperately), we walked back to the car and drove home, singing "baby its cold outside" (the ella fitzgerald edition) numerous times. Quite the night. We got home at 2ish in the pouring rain, which, luckily, was not yet ice.

Samantha and i got up at 11, and from noon yesterday until 2am, i did nothing but compile a 44 slide presentation, 40 minute speech, lesson plan, assessment questions, demonstration and 10 page paper for Biology class. That all culminated at 8am his morning. now its over. Thank the Lord God in Heaven who sustained me through that.

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