Finals approach quickly.

Well. Its 2:20am..and i have a final at 9am tomorrow. I love this. I love college life. I was made for this. I like the pressure. I like the late nights. I love the idea of it all.

Biology at 9am. 60 multiple choice questions. I probably need a B or high C to get an A in the class. Do-able.

History of Philosopy at 3. I'll be studying all day after a power nap and lunch. I really want to do well on this test.

On tuesday i have a 9am 1.5 mile run for Fit for Life. That will be interesting. I'll probably walk some it...its been so long since i've actually done anything active. hah. oh college.

Later in the day i have a Logic final...for which i am NOT at all prepared and then i have a Biblical Literature final..hopefully that will go well. I have to Ace that final to get an A..otherwise i get a B.

Anyway. Time to memorize needless facts for Biology...but on the brightside...at 10am tomorrow will NEVER have to take another lab science again. Its a beautiful thing.

Get some sleep for me tonight!

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Elissa Ann said...

Then after all of these stressful tests you get to come home and relax with me and you amazing family! I love you so much!