Love my enemies.

I'm pretty sure that I'm not sure (yes, figure that out) how I ever thought it was ok to be annoyed with people.

I'm also relatively positive that being annoyed has absolutely nothing to do with loving other people, since the very act of being annoyed is only seeing others' actions in relation to myself.

I'm also quite positive that while I was an enemy of God, Christ died for me.

So remind me why I thought it was ok for me to be annoyed when someone uses too many hand gestures in conversation, or idiosyncratic, ridiculous vocabulary, when God sent his Son so that he could reconcile himself to me, a person that falls way short of His perfection, in more ways than just conversational tendencies? and oh yea, even the guy that was hammering nails through the hands of Jesus, He died for him too?  

I'm not sure where I got the notion that annoyance is an appropriate response, but I'm darn positive that it isn't, ever, not if I'm called to love even those people who hate me, or intentionally hurt me.  Too bad its hard for me to love those people who aren't even trying to hurt me, but merely infringe upon my definition of pleasant.  I have a long way to go I think.


Andrew said...

You have been poorly influenced by me. I am sorry. I get annoyed easily. It is also easy for me to express it. It is one of the things I am currently working on in my life. Help me help you.
Sure, we can be annoyed, but we are called to love others unconditionally. We can love and be annoyed, but can we be annoyed and really let that love show? I don't think so, not very easily anyway. Therefore, we must stop becoming annoyed at such trivial things. I agree. Good blog, Annie D. See you Saturday?

-A. Smith

Kate said...

I love your thoughts!
I totally agree. I think when I get annoyed of people, it is usually because I have somehow stepped out of my "being with God" for a moment and am no longer seeing with his eyes and hearing with his ears. Its a scary thought, but a quick reminder to stop talking, step back & ask God to help me see and hear and be with Him again. God's grace is eternal and so beautiful to receive.