3 strikes...

So today in geology (strike number one..blech i hate rocks) on our campus walking tour, i got stung by a bee (strike number two).  I realized i have never been stung by a bee before, and i was telling this fact to Trevor, who was (ironically) stung by that same bee about 4 seconds before.  As we commiserated together (as my teacher spoke about igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks), my teacher came around the tree and said "please stop talking and listen," (strike number three), to which i whimpered, "i just got stung by a bee."

End of story.
I wish three strikes meant i was out of geology, unfortunately it just means i've probably fallen out of my prof's good graces.  Great.


tbarkley said...

are you taking it with Guebert??
he's the man

annie.marie.dimond. said...

you are right, he totally his the man.
too bad we can't study him, instead of rocks.

...ok maybe that came out wrong.

Andrew said...


If you weren't so ignorant you'd realize that Geology is about way more than just rocks. And if you hadn't been talking like a grade schooler you wouldn't have been treated like one.

But yes, I agree, let's study Guebert....and geology:)

I miss ya!

Carly said...

annie. this is carly and emily. we just read this and pictured you saying it all.

miss you more than you could know.