Don't lie, you got really excited when you read this title, you thought i was going to confess a thing or two to you.  Well, no, but yes. Here it is: This whole sabbathing thing is working out AMAZINGLY for me.  And, tonight, it has allowed me to do something that has alluded me quite a bit since i've been at school: leisurely reading.  So, here i sit, having read only 2 chapters of The Confessions of St. Augustine, and I love my life.  I kinda want to stay up all night and read it...too bad Greek is at 9.  

Here are some nuggets. yum:

"You are matchless, O Lord.  So our praise of you must rise above our humanity..."

-an amazing list of "oxymorons" which may be helpful if I ever write a thesis or dissertation about the necessity of contradiction.

"Let me die that I may not only die..."

 "All things changeable flow from the spring of Your unchanging Being.  In You live the eternal reasons of all the time bound things that cannot reason in themselves..."

"Who was the 'me' who lived in my mother's womb?"

"Nor does 'today' ever come to a close for you.  Yet because of you each day does come to a close for us.  The day finds its closing in you, for it has no way to end unless you uphold that ending..."

the end for now.  


Kate said...

Wow Annie!
This book sounds incredible. I'm so glad you found me. I will forever check your blog as well. It sounds like you're learning some huge concepts right now! I wish I were sitting on a couch with you right now drinking a hot cup of chai with whipped cream and a dash of cinnamon and talking about this fabulous book and your thought on mind-blowing contradicitons. Hmmm... that would be nice, but instead I will take a mental photograph of what that would look like and just hold it in my heart until I see you again. I love you miss Annebelle : ) Let me know when you're coming to SoCal next. It would be lovely to see you.


e. lizabeth said...


oh the blog world is fun, isn't it??

i would ADORE seeing you here in Africa with me...

ahhh. this place is wonderful.