Auditory Learners.

I'm an auditory learner.  Guess what that doesn't make me--a visual learner.  This is not to say, however, i shouldn't stretch myself and grow in my ability to learn and understand via my eyes and the page, but is IS to say that what gives me the most understanding and comprehension is speech, spoken word.  I like to read, really, I do.  But, if i ever need to fully comprehend something, it would be best for me to talk it out, rather than go back over my notes.  I process things verbally. 

So why, then, has it never occurred to me (before 2 weeks ago) to read the Bible out loud?  I become easily distracted when I sit and read (no matter what the material), but when i read things out loud, I am caused to focus on what I am saying, take in the words I am speaking. What a powerful time with God I am having, reading and speaking through the Psalms.  And, how different from anything I've ever done, or from the classic "quiet time."  I guess its not really "quiet,"  but I'm not sure how much I agree with the notion of a "quiet time" actually having to do with the presence or lack of sound.  

I do know two things:
1.  Though there is a presence of sound, it is sound that quiets my spirit, and therefore not noisy like everyday life.  Not to mention, what a different kind of sound than what one is accustomed to hearing in the day to day.
2. For a person who lacks the ability to feel much emotion, or emote in general, the reading of the words of passionate Psalmists is a good practice.  It gives me the correct context in which to feel, to be joyful, to mourn, to cry out in the presence of God, for and about things that actually matter, that actually should, and do require emotion.

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