Urgent Care Centers.

are inappropriately named.

Let's examine:

"Urgent"--Flat out lie. I could have died right there in the waiting room and they wouldn't have seen me for an hour. It almost happened.

"Care"--If any doctor EVER tries to tell you that the best way to deal with your asthma is to take 10 days of 3x a day prednisone with no taper--run the other direction (your lungs might not appreciate this, but your liver will).

And here we see that "urgent" and "care" may be the two least fitting words for this fine establishment.

Perhaps "lackadaisical disregard" or "apathetic nearsightedness". Anything, just NOT urgent care.


colorcast said...

Annie! I thought of you yesterday after having read this while I myself took a little trip to the "urgent care" center : while I was waiting my turn, and elderly couple walks in. The old man has blood splattered on his shirt and pants, his hand in a splint, ace bandage, towell and pot holder to stop the bleeding he says is from a mishandling of an ax, and they say "we can have a nurse look at it really quick but there are three people ahead of you, you'll have to wait 45 minutes to an hour". What? Let him go ahead of me! "Thats very nice of you, but there's still a patient between you and he and it would not make a difference."


^ _ ^

I dunno... hospitals. Pah!

miss you!
xo april xo

annie.marie.dimond. said...

APRIL! So good to hear from you, so not good to hear about the misplaced priorities of the Urgent Care centers. Also, what were you in the urgent care center for?

Love youuuuu!(also, get a blog so i can read it. I know you have wonderful thoughts and stories to share as is proved even more strongly by your anecdote here on my page.)

colorcast said...

Guess what?? I have mono! Bleugh... and I even missed finals week... eeek! but they're coming along, so it'll be okay... Kindof works out that its summer and I didnt have any plans, and david and my best girlfriend are going out of town this week when the mono is the worst ^ _ ^ So that's why I was at the lackadaisical disregard center, for mono tests.

OOh! And I do have a blog, 'cept its a fashion blog! ^ _ ^ I'll definately be posting alot soon as the only thing my body is up for is lounging around ^ _ ^ I'd love it if you took a look! heehee...


hope you have fun reading it, as much as I enjoy the philosophical brainfeed of yours! ^ _ ^


colorcast said...

forgot the ":" in the http, but i'm sure you would have figured that out ^ _ ^


colorcast said...

raawr!! as you can tell, the mono has affected every corner of my thinking mind as well: the address i gave you doesnt even exist. sorry!

for real, my fashion blog is

whew! i think i finally got it right this time... ^ _ ^

annie.marie.dimond. said...

Oh NOOO! get better soon and don't depend on the lacksidasical disregard centers.

problem: everytime i try to find your blog it just tries to sign me up. I even got a username so that i could look at it, but it still won't take me to it--AND i can't find it when i search either. :(


colorcast said...

this is gonna sound so crazy, but google image search "cadaver tie" as in, dead body tie :) the first two pictures you will see are of mr. vass, believe it or not, and click the first one that has jimmy myers/nick arnold/jake dahl in it w/ mr. vass. then where it says "see this picture in its original context", you should see the blog on the bottom half of the screen... click it's home tab, or whatever tab on the blog you want to look at :) hope it works!