"How Am I Supposed to Breathe With No Air?"

Maybe Jordin Sparks has asthma too?

Tell me how I'm supposed to breathe with no air
Can't live, can't breathe with no air
It's how I feel whenever you ain't there
It's no air, no air
Got me out here in the water so deep
Tell me how you gon' be without me
If you ain't here, I just can't breathe
It's no air, no air

No air, air
No air, air
No air, air
No air, air

I walked, I ran, I jumped, I flew
Right off the ground to float to you
There's no gravity to hold me down for real
But somehow I'm still alive inside
You took my breath, but I survived
I don't know how, but I don't even care

My biggest problem with Jordin representing us asthmatics of the world, is that she seems to imply that its easy for those with no air to "walk, run, jump, and fly" as insinuated in the last paragraph.

No. Its not. In fact, i can barely get air as i lay here. How am I supposed to breathe with no air?


Andrew said...

you're so witty.

dimondclare said...

hah this is probly my favorit blog yet.hilarious.

annie.marie.dimond. said...

clare, i'm glad you read it, however, i'm sad that this is your favorite blog ever. You should like other ones more i think.

ps. CAN'T wait to be home with you.