My Life Should be a TV show.

Let me give you a little background on the story I'm about to tell you:

Sometime around September I was playing intramural soccer. My friend was an intramural supervisor. I lost my shoes and so he took me to the Intramural shed to find them. The shoes were not found, however, there was a sweet pair of OSU beaver soccer pants. I mentioned my extreme liking for the pants, and my friend told me to go ahead and take them, as they had been in the shed for a year, at least. I did. I took the pants. They became my favorite pants. I wore them all over campus, all the time. I have worn them to and from soccer, volleyball, dodgeball, and basketball intramurals. I wear them to sleep. I wear them to study. I wear them to dinner.... Which brings me to tonight:

I, being rather dehydrated, walked to go get a cup of water and ran into my friend brad. We talked for a while, standing next to lots of tables full of lots of boys. I got my water and went to sit back down. No sooner had i picked up my water to take a drink, did a boy stride up to our table, stick out his hand and say, "hi, i'm nate, are you annie?". I, of course, answered honestly, "yes, I'm annie, nice to meet you nate." He replied, rather quickly, "well annie, you're wearing my pants." I unabashedly replied, "well, let me tell you how i got them," to which he retorted, "let me tell you how i lost them." He proceeded to tell me a sad tale of how one day, a year an a half ago, he went to work out, took off the pants, and returned to find them missing. I assured him that this theft was not my doing, in that i only arrived at Taylor in the fall. He said he believed me, and i then told him how i really came across the pants (see above). He said, "alright, well, i want them back." I told him that i could arrange it, but that it would have to wait, as i wasn't about to take off my pants in the middle of the Dining Commons--a rather witty remark, i must say. He said he could wait. As soon as he left, i became enraged. I love the pants. I want to keep the pants. The girls at my table made funny "in his pants" jokes and we laughed and decided i should try to make him PROVE that they were his pants. So, i went over and discussed the probability that out of the many pants that were probably manufactured in this exact nature, that these were, in fact, his pants. He told me that they were one of a kind, a gift from his friend who is a Beaver from Oregon State. I offered to buy them, too much sentimental value attached i suppose. All in all, i have to give the pants back. However, on my last night with the pants, the girls from my wing decided to chronicle the life of these pants since the fall. About 40 girls have taken pictures in the pants, doing various daily tasks (i.e. running, showering, baking, cleaning, doing the splits, taking a nap, etc).

I'm glad this happened. Life is so funny, and i love it.

Besides all that, I went snowboarding this weekend and it was ridiculously fun, but as a result i am immensely sore. Its hard to sit. Its hard to walk. Its hard to carry a bag. It's hard to shut car doors. Its hard to get up. Basically, my body aches. But, i would be willing to go through all this pain again, as long as i get to be a good snowboarder. This is a pic of our group and the next picture is one of me and my friend Andrew taking a picture i have always wanted to take--on a ski lift!

Fun weekend, funny night. (pictures of the pants to come later.)


BT said...

I say keep 'em.

annie.marie.dimond. said...

don't i wish.

Kyle said...

you gave them back? no!!!! great story. how long were you in his pants?