i like to think AND i'm a girl.

Sometimes, i wish i had magic powers. I want to be able to get into peoples' (especially girls') heads to understand what exactly they are thinking. I happen to be a girl who doesn't emote frequently, and if i do it is about some idea i am passionate about. This cuts me off from the 95%of girls who gush, sob, giggle, and freak out about things that i may or may not think are silly. Here is my theory: girls give to social pressure to be that way. I will not deny the fact that girls are more emotional and what not, but I don't think that I can be the only one who just does not really care about how every situations makes me "feel." Yes, I have emotions. No, i don't portray them at the drop of a hat, let them get the best of me, or wear them on my sleeve. Perhaps I'm a bit stoic. But here is the thing, I've been told by numerous sources lately that i "act," "think," and "just are" different that most girls. Now, I understand that, and partially, i suppose, i have pursued that. However, one person told me that I think logically, and thus, am set apart from other women.


I know that i may just be soapboxing it here, but come on. Analytic minds are not reserved for men. Why must emotions always win out over logical conclusions? Shouldn't emotions be the result of our logical conclusions(that way we know that they are properly placed)?

Now, understand, i get that i have a bias. I am a philosophy major, thinking is my great love. Maybe that is why i am writing this. I want to share something that i love with women that i love. I love taking myself out of situations, forgetting how they affect me, and concluding things based on an analytic study of the situation. Nerdy? perhaps...But, its ok because i hang out with kids who do rubix cubes all day long :P

All I'm saying is, try it. I know that girls like to be "girly" and whatever, but i also know that there are a lot more women out there who really don't have strong emotions about things but are compelled to have them and let everyone know, just because its the "girlish" thing to do. JUST STOP. Someone once told me that there are not that many things in this world that require very strong emotions. And i agree. You may have heard of the "proper ordering of loves", well I'm advocating the "proper expression of emotion". Emotion means something, we shouldn't dilute it by infusing every moment, decision, and conversation with some emotion that we feel should necessarily be there.

P.S. I'm not going to say that I don't think that this is a better way of handling life, because i think it is. I won't apologize for that, however, i will say that i haven't perfected the art (nor will i), and i do think that emotion needs to take a bigger role in my life...I'm just not sure where it fits in right now. I will start with "rejoicing with those who rejoice and mourning with those who mourn"...and I'll go from there.

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