Saturday in Huntington.

I had a great day with two friends. We decided that we get a bit claustrophobic here at taylor and can't work all that well on our homework in this environment. So, we took a little road trip to this sweet coffee shop in Huntington "Coffee D'vine." For history of Philosophy right now we are reading Leibniz, and about his "windowless monads" and well, i hate it. It turns out I only like to read things i agree with and that are stylistically pleasing, unfortuately, Leibniz provides neither. However, our studies were bookended by conversation filled, 40-minute car rides. Just the kind of thing i like. In one of the conversations, i stumbled upon a realization about myself:

I don't like cheap copies

for healing.
for friendship.
for church.
for art.
for sugar.
for ideas.
for words.
for architechture.
for usage of freedom.

Not only do i not do i not like them, but i'm often painfully aware of them.

This may mean nothing to you, its just something about myself i needed to document for posterity's sake.


Lance said...

Yay. I made it onto Annie Dimond's blog!

Cool thoughts. Seems very personal.

annie.marie.dimond. said...

Yes, you did.

you are important.