Doubt, Another Paradox.

So check it,
Me and my boy Rene Descartes spent about 12 hours together this weekend and among the many interesting insights I gleaned from him in our long, drawn out hours together, one stuck out. It probably caught my eye because as of late i've been on the lookout for those paradoxes that contribute to our understanding and knowledge of God...so without further adue.

"And when I consider the fact that I have doubts, or that I am a thing that is incomplete and dependent, then there arises in me a clear ad distinct idea of a being who is independent, that is, an idea of God."

Obviously, and much to my extreme joy, this argument was led up to and followed up by numerous pages of reasoning and furter assertions...so if you don't understand how he got to this point, go read it MEDITATIONS by Rene Descartes, you won't be disappointed.

So heres te deal about this excerpt, its SO INTRIGUING to ponder doubt as PROOF of God's existence. I mean, he's aruging that the very fact that we can doubt God is, itself, proof that He exists. Doubt provides assurance. Lovin that paradox.

Chew on that, I am.

And "take that" Post Modernism.


cwillz said...

I love the thoughts. Quick story: On time when I was struggling to see what God was doing and wondering if He was really there, I started to pray. After a while of the typical Roman Centurion "Help my unbelief" stuff, I simply yelled and asked God if He was really there.
He asked me why I was asking Him.

Take it for what its worth, but I think it helps your point.

PS- Don't be so harsh on postmodernism.

annie.marie.dimond. said...

Thats so true. SO TRUE. I love examples of this stuff. Real life paradox.

PS i could say much harsher things about postmodernism...but I don't :)