Dear Mommy,
You called me today, apologizing that my birthday package was not yet here. You said that my sisters thought that I was frustrated about this, and thus was not picking up my phone. I know that we have already discussed this on the phone this evening, but I just want to reiterate, in print, the fact that in no way am I dissappointed or let down by any of this package lackage. In lieu of the fact that I think birthdays are rather silly and childish anyway, I want to let you know on this day of my birth (and yes, its not yet midnight in northern california where I was born) that even if you had no intention of sending me a box full of presents, it'd be ok and perhaps more fitting.

The nature of birthdays really confuses me, honestly. I mean, I didn't do anything. If there is one day I SHOULDN'T be celebrated, it is the day that you, mom, pushed me out of your body. brave woman. :) So today, on my day of birth, I thank the Lord God in Heaven that you are more of a woman than I'll ever be. Thank you, and don't worry about the presents.♥

Your 19 year old daughter.

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