Katherine Lynn and Alexandra Jane

The moment of my arrival in St. Louis, Missouri cannot come fast enough. The two women who inhabit the title of this blog post may be the reasons why.

My life isn't full of many people who have known "Duration-Annie." Many people know "Little kid-Annie," "Westminster-Annie," "Sophomore-year Annie," "Homeschool-Annie," and "Taylor University-Annie," which are all, arguably, highly interesting and influential parts of "Duration-Annie," though, each "Section-Annie" loses some of its importance without experience of the other "Section-Annie's."

All this to say, the dear girls I am about to see over break know more than one "Section-Annie," and Miss Stipanovich knows just about all of them.

These are important people to have in our lives, I think. Personal history, like other history, is hard to make real to people without their having experienced it firsthand.

See you tomorrow my lovies.


Josiah said...

Well, I've got "Sophomore year PA Annie" and "CRAM PA Annie" so... that's a pretty big duration.

annie.marie.dimond. said...

You're so right. I feel known.

Amy said...

Funny that you mention this! I just had a conversation about this kind of thing last week. It is nice to have people who know more parts of you than just one or two. Have fun with those girls : )

Katie Stipanovich said...

Yay! you are en route right now!

Elena Forsythe said...

I see you're anticipating your metaphysics paper (which I hope you'll let me read when you're done!)

However small the slice of Annie is that I know, it makes me pretty darn happy. Happy Thanksgiving and much love!!

al said...



....that is all.