New words...

They get added every year to the dictionary. (see here)

As of dinner this evening, I, along with Samantha Renee, Carly Ann, and Emily Rose, propose a new word to be included in next years addition:

Pronunciation: \klüd\
Function: transitive verb
Inflected Form(s): clud·ed; clud·ing

1 : to be around
2 : to be near or exist by part of a whole or a group
3 : to contain around
—clud·able or clud·ible \ˈklü-də-bəl\ adjective

WHY? you may ask. I will tell you.

This is an in between stage that is so oft forgotten or overlooked. There is including and excluding, but what about those times when you are not excluded, but inclusion is not the correct term to describe your relation to those around you--this is clusion. Cluding can occur when people are near each other, not engaging really, just existing. It is the state of being until one becomes included or deliberately excluded. For example, cliques are exclusive whether by word, body language, or deed. However, there are groups of people who congregate, but not as an exclusive body. If one were to approach this sort of group, he or she would not be automatically excluded but is not yet included. Once this person attempts to join a conversation or even joins the general vicinity, he or she is cluding until his or her words are responded to:

Johnny stands near a group of people (cluding).
Johnny walks over to a group of people (cluding).
Johnny says, "hey guys!!" (still cluding).
*momentary silence before response* (cluding, pending inclusion or exclusion)
Group responds, "HEY JOHNNY, great to see you" (definite incluing)

So, I hope you recognize the need to incorporate or "include" this word into our common vernacular, as it will be highly beneficial and a more exact reference to what is actually happening in social interactions. Right now, we are cluding this word, existing with it. Your response to the word will dictate whether or not it is rejected by inclusion or dejected by exclusion. Don't make the wrong decision.

Next word to contemplate: trovert
not an introvert. not an extrovert. I know quite a few of these people. Why pick which one you are, when you know you are right in the middle, that you are troverted?? good question that BEGS for an answer.


Kyle said...


someone's who not completely squirrely but also not quick quirky. they're squirky.

i like your thought process.

annie.marie.dimond. said...

ooh thats a great one.