Good Post. Just kidding.

[you will inevitably not understand what you are about to read until you watch the video...read it anyway, and enjoy a video that has overtaken conversation on my wing for the last two weeks]

You need to watch this video. right now. Just kidding. You can watch it later. just kidding, you'll have other things to do later. just kidding, you don't do anything with your time. Just kidding you are super productive. just kidding, you a lazy bum who can't keep a job. just kidding, you are a CEO who is worth upwards of a billion dollars. Just kidding, you are Donald Trump. Just kidding, you have good hair. Just kidding, its ugly. Just kidding, you are a wig model. Just kidding, your cheekbones aren't high enough to model. Just kidding, your face is perfect. Just kidding, no one is perfect. Just kidding, just kidding, just kidding.

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