Quiet Light

[I wrote this in high school. I don't do poetry. There is no rhythm. I like it.]

hum of the porch light.
unfortunate, for her.
not for the doppleganger,
a perfect decibel.
silence exudes from her halt;
not screeching to or grinding to,
for that matter.
the self similar knocks at the door.
it is loud, louder,
when it's quiet,
but not when it's louder, loudest.
she rewishes the noise,
from the twin,
who has not such powers.
the luck.
the light was on, welcoming.
switch was broken,
would have been off,
the luck.
come in, I guess.
never a good time for them to break.
switches, that is.
nor to meet herself,
on the porch.

1 comment:

Christiana said...

This is beautiful.

You've always been an incredible writer - I knew that back when you were actually in high school. ;)