Sorry for all the undeveloped thoughts but...

I like it when my plans get changed.  It makes me aware of two things:

1. I have the ability to choose. I am not a puppet on string.  But coupled with that:

2. God is still in control.

Maybe someday I'll flesh out why I am not a Calvinist.  
And perhaps I'll write an essay, hopefully a more influential essay than C.S. Lewis's "Why I am not a Pacifist"...but instead "Why I am not a Calvinist."  

But really, great conversations about this lately. Edifying conversations, which is hard to achieve with such "hot" topics in evangelical circles.

All i want to do is write about this right now...but i need to sleep. Suffice it to say, there is just a whole lot more mystery involved in this than the Calvinist position, as I see it, seems to allow.  Also, i cannot seem to figure out why God would give us the illusion of choice, if we really cannot resist His grace, and if we really cannot choose something that is not His desire.

Obviously if you are a Calvinist you have a lot to say to that. I just wrote two sentences about it, so please don't think that is the entirety, majority, or weight of my thoughts on the subject. I would love to talk about it with you. It fascinates me.  It is a secondary issue, but really, it says a lot about one's view of God. Which is, to me, the more important discussion.

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