If i ever write a dissertation...(doubtful)

...I will discuss paradox and oxymoron as the essence of the christian faith.

{To find your life, lose it}

{Purity means God ravishing us with His love, forcing His love upon us}

{Freedom is being captured by God's love}
{The humbled are exalted}

{When I am weak, then I am strong}

{Brokenness is essential in becoming whole}
{Good is terrible}

{A mature Christian is like a child}

As one who thinks logic should lead us right to Christ and His gospel, often to the extent that all mystery and wonder is abolished, sometimes i have to reconsider these ideas to keep myself in check. I don't serve a God who operates by our logic systems. This is not to say that analytical thought wouldn't lead to my Savior, but it is to say that there is so much more beauty to be had when we reflect on how our Savior has redeemed the fall, beauty that doesn't seem logically possible. It would seem that things were infinitely better before the fall, however, without their opposites, perhaps there wouldn't be such great opportunities for good, for strength, life, etc. Just one more example of why I didn't create the world.

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